Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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The first (bachelor’s) level

Educational and professional program “Road transport”
first (bachelor’s) level of higher education
by specialty: 274 Road transport
field of knowledge: 27 Transport
qualification: Bachelor of Road Transport

The main focus of the educational program:

Emphasis on the ability to production and technological, design, technological, design activities at enterprises that operate road transport of all forms of ownership; ability to take into account the specific operating conditions of road and special transport in the agricultural sector.

Syllabuses of educational components
1. General training cycle
1.1. Basic disciplines (normative)
History of Ukraine
Foreign Language
Higher mathematics
General chemistry
Descriptive geometry and computer graphics
Ukrainian language of professional orientation
Materials Science and TCM
Life safety and traffic rules
History of Ukrainian Culture
History of automotive industry
Theoretical mechanics
Mechanics of materials and structures
Heat engineering and thermodynamics
Theory of mechanisms and machines
1.2.Basic disciplines (at the choice of the Institution of Higher Education)
Principles of Ecology
Fundamentals of agronomy
Professional foreign language
Entry to the profession
1.3. Basic training disciplines (student’s choice)
І group
Discipline of social and legal direction
Discipline of social and humanitarian orientation
Discipline of socio-political orientation
ІІ group
Minor 1
Minor 2
Minor 3
Minor 4
2. Cycle of professional and practical training
2.1. Educational disciplines of professional and practical training (normative)
Fuel and lubricants
Cars (Term Paper)
Car engines
Details of machines
Technological operation of cars
Electrical engineering and electronics
Hydraulics, hydraulic and pneumatic drives
Technical service of motor transport
Reliability of cars
Reliability of cars (Term Paper)
Repair of vehicles
2.2.Educational disciplines of professional and practical training (at the choice of the Institution of Higher Education)
Foundations of economic theory
Business Foreign Language
2.3. Educational disciplines of professional and practical training (at the student’s choice)
ІІІ group
Basics of car certification
Mechatronics of motor transport
Management of innovations in transport enterprises
Electric drive and automation
Methods of ensuring stability of movement
Innovations in car development
Design of equipment maintenance technologies
Using of fuels of biological origin
Navigation systems on transport
Analysis of technical systems
Applied computer aided design in Creo Parametric
Design and engineering of vehicles
Electronic and electrical equipment of cars
Industrial and transport ecology
Modern trends in the development of car designs
Modern inf. technology
Optimization of technological processes
Mathematical modeling and statistics
Technologies of motor transport works
Technological systems of motor transportations
Other classes
Educational innovation and educational practice
Educational introductory practice
Training practice in driving mobile machines
Production practice
Execution of qualification work