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Road transport

The educational program is aimed at implementing the strategy within the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU (Chapter 17, Article 404, items e and g) and the Concept of the State Targeted Development Program agricultural sector for the period up to 2022 (approved by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 30, 2015 № 1437-r), namely – improving the competitiveness of the agricultural sector by improving the quality of agricultural products through adaptation of environmental standards of its production, wide combining precision farming systems with efficient use of road transport during harvesting and transportation to deep processing and storage points, accelerating the adaptation of agricultural market infrastructure to the world production structure by improving the transport logistics of farms and Ukrainian agricultural companies and facilitating access to EU products.

The innovative component of the educational program within the mission of the Institute of Mechanotronics and Management Systems is provided by a combination of scientific activities in road transport taking into account the agricultural context, educational process and best practices in creating, efficient operation and repair of mobile energy tools to train leaders that actively influence the future of Ukrainian business and society.

The educational program also takes into account the following global trends in the industry (according to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of May 30, 2018 № 430-r “On approval of the National Transport Strategy of Ukraine until 2030”) taking into account agricultural context, namely:

–    using of high-tech and ergonomic vehicles, satellite navigation, intelligent transport systems integrated into precision farming systems of information technologies in harvesting, transportation and transportation of environmentally hazardous goods (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides) in difficult road conditions.

–    using of fuel-economic and ecological vehicles, use of alternative fuels, priority of environmental protection needs.

The educational program also takes into account the regional context ( Kharkiv Region Development Strategy for 2021-2027 ). Production activity in Kharkiv region is carried out by 2.1 thousand agricultural enterprises of various forms of ownership and management, including 1.3 thousand farms. Every year the index of agricultural production in all categories of farms increases by 10-12%. Export potential is also growing. In the first half of 2019 alone, exports of goods (in total) amounted to 613.9 million dollars. US dollars, including exports of agricultural goods amounted to 267.2 million dollars. USA. Given that in addition to agriculture (12%) in the structure of production of Kharkiv region the first place is occupied by the processing industry (38%), which also requires efficient use of road transport, the educational program has significant prospects in the regional context.