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Warning! Dear entrants!

On August 9 at 12 o’clock there will be an announcement of orders on enrollment in the state budget for a bachelor’s degree and a meeting with the management of institutes and faculty in the building on street Alchevskikh, 44:

Warning! Dear entrants!

Practice in construction

Applicants of group 32, studying in the specialty 192 Construction and Civil Engineering, completed the internship at the construction site of a multi-storey building in one of the districts of Kharkiv. During the internship, students learned about the basic and most modern ways of performing construction work, the rules of occupational safety and organization of workplaces. At the construction site under the guidance of the master, theoretical and practical training was aimed at the formation of applicants’ technical reasoning and practical skills.

Практика на будівництві

Welcome new students. The introductory campaign is still ongoing

After the publication of the rating lists of entrants recommended for enrollment in the budget, the Admissions Committee of KhNTUA again reached the strings of entrants. This time with the original documents required for admission to the university. In principle, they can already be welcomed with admission, although the official order of enrollment in the university will be issued by August 9 this year, and the transfer to vacant positions of the state order will take place by August 19.

Вітаємо нових студентів.  Вступна кампанія ще триває

Budget recommendations have been made public

The University has published ranking lists and lists of recommended entrants, which can be viewed on the main website of KhNTUA in the tab ENTRANTS, or at this link: In their e-offices, entrants can also find out if they have received budget recommendations. Applicants who have received recommendations must submit original documents to the university.

Рекомендації на бюджет оприлюднено

Pleasant acquaintance

The Department of Media Communications of KhNTUA continues to get acquainted with this year’s entrants of our university. Today, thanks to Olga Ivanovna Khloponina-Gnatenko, we met the future student of the university Oleg Gerashchenko.

Приємне знайомство

The first results and results of the introductory campaign

Today, professional entrance examinations at our university have made up two more groups of entrants who intend to obtain a bachelor’s degree in an accelerated curriculum in the following specialties: 133 Industrial Engineering, 181 Food Technology and 205 Forestry, 187 Woodworking and Furniture Technology and 275 (by species).

Перші результати і підсумки вступної кампанії

76th place KhNTUA in the Webometrics ranking

The National Research Council of Spain has published the next edition of the international ranking of world universities Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) (Universities): (July 2021 Edition). According to the updated results, Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture named after P. Vasylenko took the 76th position among all Ukrainian universities in the Webometrics rating, rising by 94 positions compared to the January 2021 rating (it was on the 170th place).

76 місце ХНТУСГ  в рейтингу Webometrics

What specialties are the most popular among this year’s entrants

The introductory campaign is coming to an end. Tomorrow, July 28, higher education institutions are to publish the ranking lists of bachelor’s and master’s degree entrants. And for future masters on the basis of a bachelor (master/specialist) for places at the expense of the budget, such lists will be published no later than August 2.

Які спеціальності найпопулярніші серед цьогорічних вступників

Congratulations on the Jubilee!

We sincerely congratulate Oleksandr Romanashenko, associate professor of the Department of Optimization of Technological Systems named after T. Yevsyukov!

Вітаємо з Ювілеєм!

Preliminary results of the introductory campaign among agricultural free economic zones

On August 23 at 18:00 the reception of electronic applications of entrants based on 11 classes, who plan to study in higher education institutions at the bachelor’s and master’s degree, ends. On July 24, all entrants will need to check the status of their applications in the personal account. Only those applications will take part in the competitive selection, which will have the status:

Попередні підсумки вступної кампанії серед аграрних ЗВО

Practice is an integral part of learning

Theoretical training for first-year students ends with training practice. Thus, in July, applicants for the specialties 101 Ecology, 201 Agronomy, and 208 Agroengineering under the guidance of associate professors of the Department of Agrotechnology and Ecology of the Institute of MMS Olga Chala, Valentina Bezpalko and Oksana Pankova, passed an introductory internship. During this time, students, in addition to classroom classes, where they learned about the practical aspects of agronomy, gained practical skills. Based on the training farm of KhNTUA, they got acquainted with the varieties of crops of the collection nursery and with representatives of weeds on crops, conducted work on field weed research, phenological observations of safflower crops, selected samples of crops, and determined their crop structure. In addition, they got acquainted with the basic technological, physical, and water properties of soils, performed laboratory work to determine the mechanical composition of the soil, the acidity of the soil solution, and more.

Практика – невід’ємна частина навчання

Meeting with the staff of the university

On July 21, 2021, a meeting of the chairman of the reorganization commission, acting Rector of the State Biotechnological University Tikhonchenko Ruslan with members of the staff of the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculturer. The meeting with the staff of structural units of KhNTUA took the form of active dialogue. All participants of the event received comprehensive answers to their questions.

Зустріч з трудовим колективом університету

We remind entrants about the deadline for submitting applications and documents

Our University is always happy for students, it is a place where many young people have studied and are studying not only from the Kharkiv and the region, different parts of Ukraine but also the world. Moreover, the university conducts active international activity where 3 educational scientific international programs of double diplomas are realized.

Нагадуємо вступникам про deadline для подачі заяв та документів

Andriy Khlyshchenko dreams of becoming an agronomist

The Department of Media Communications of KhNTUA continues to get acquainted with this by the annual entrants of our university and hopes that according to the results of the competitive selection they will all become students. Some will have the opportunity to study at the expense of the budget, and some under contract, but currently most entrants (except for certain categories) have equal rights to compete for the opportunity to obtain higher education in one of the best agro-technical free economic zones.

Андрій Хлищенко мріє стати агрономом