Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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The first results and results of the introductory campaign

Today, professional entrance examinations at our university have made up two more groups of entrants who intend to obtain a bachelor’s degree in an accelerated curriculum in the following specialties: 133 Industrial Engineering, 181 Food Technology and 205 Forestry, 187 Woodworking and Furniture Technology and 275 (by species).

In total, the professional entrance exams today amounted to about 100 entrants who performed written assignments in certain disciplines.

According to the Admissions Committee of the University, this year 6305 applications were submitted to KhNTUSG for full-time education and public procurement, mostly by this year’s graduates of secondary schools. The largest number of applications is submitted for the following specialties:

133 Industry engineering (266 applications);

208 Agroengineering (266),

141 Electric Power and Electromechanics (198);

201 Agronomy (146);

181 Food Technology (136);

073 Management (124);

101 Ecology (117);

242 Tourism (106), etc.

At the same time, the highest competition for public procurement places was recorded in the following specialties: 073 Management, 242 Tourism, 201 Agronomy, 163 Biomedical Engineering, 075 Marketing.

In total, as we have already informed, this year 8296 applications have been submitted to the university for all specialties and forms of education, which is more than twice the number of licensed places. According to the information system VSTUP.OSVITA.UA, which publishes rating lists of applicants, the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture entered the 100 most popular universities among this year’s entrants. In this ranking, he took 45th place among all Ukrainian free economic zones, 2nd place among agricultural free economic zones, and 8th place among Kharkiv universities.

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