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Today the acceptance of documents for admission to the bachelor’s and master’s degree will be completed

Today, July 23, 2021, the acceptance of applications and documents for admission to the bachelor’s and master’s degrees ends. Applicants may have time to submit an application and documents before 18.00 on this day.

The admission campaign takes place, as usual, the selection committee advises and provides assistance in case of any questions or difficulties with the submission of documents.

Today, Anastasia from Ostrig, Rivne region, applied. The girl enters the specialty 181 Food Technology. Nastya is already receiving a practical and theoretical base, namely studying at Ostroh Higher Vocational School, a diploma with the profession of chef-confectioner will be awarded to her in January, and a complete secondary education allows her not to waste time and enter the university on a contract. The entrant gradually moves towards her goal to become a qualified specialist with higher education. She visited the Admissions Committee of KhNTUA with the support of relatives, together with her mother Tetyana, and younger sister Olesya.

We remind you of the next stage of the introductory campaign, which is the publication of rating lists for enrollment, which is scheduled for July 28. Applicants can see information about enrollment recommendations in their personal online accounts. Good luck to all our entrants!

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