Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Practice is an integral part of learning

Theoretical training for first-year students ends with training practice. Thus, in July, applicants for the specialties 101 Ecology, 201 Agronomy, and 208 Agroengineering under the guidance of associate professors of the Department of Agrotechnology and Ecology of the Institute of MMS Olga Chala, Valentina Bezpalko and Oksana Pankova, passed an introductory internship. During this time, students, in addition to classroom classes, where they learned about the practical aspects of agronomy, gained practical skills. Based on the training farm of KhNTUA, they got acquainted with the varieties of crops of the collection nursery and with representatives of weeds on crops, conducted work on field weed research, phenological observations of safflower crops, selected samples of crops, and determined their crop structure. In addition, they got acquainted with the basic technological, physical, and water properties of soils, performed laboratory work to determine the mechanical composition of the soil, the acidity of the soil solution, and more.

As part of the internship, students attended a scientific-practical seminar “Field Day 2021. Selection and technological innovations in modern grain production”, which was held at the Institute of Plant Breeding named after V. Yuriev, Museum of Nature, the scientific and practical seminar “The latest technologies for growing vegetables and melons”, organized by the Institute of Vegetable and Melon NAAS. Students visited the research field and got acquainted with the research of the Institute of Vegetable and Melon, in particular with the modern technology of growing potatoes using an organo-mineral container, saw the sowing of a new crop – sweet potatoes and watermelon hybridization, tried the method of determining sugar content with a refractometer; got acquainted with the work and equipment of the biotechnology laboratory, where they saw the cultivation of plants in vitro.

The staff of the Department of Agrotechnology and Ecology is confident that such comprehensive practical training from the first year of study will allow students to become highly qualified professionals!

The staff of the Department of Agrotechnology and Ecology.