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Andriy Khlyshchenko dreams of becoming an agronomist

The Department of Media Communications of KhNTUA continues to get acquainted with this by the annual entrants of our university and hopes that according to the results of the competitive selection they will all become students. Some will have the opportunity to study at the expense of the budget, and some under contract, but currently most entrants (except for certain categories) have equal rights to compete for the opportunity to obtain higher education in one of the best agro-technical free economic zones.

Andriy Khlyshchenko, who visited the University Admissions Committee today, also knows about this. This year the guy graduated from Velykoburlutskii Lyceum, passed the external examination, and decided to study agronomy. He says that he has dreamed of this profession since childhood loves to work on the land, and is not afraid of hard work. And the specialty of Agronomy attracts him with its prospects and wide opportunities that it opens for those who want to work on the land. And it doesn’t have to be a big farm or farm. A qualified agronomist can find work in other fields, it would be desirable…

Andriy Khlyshchenko says that he had several options for choosing a place to study, but our university chose him because his godson once studied here and on his advice, he also decided to enter here. Moreover, Andriy came to the university not alone, but with his school friend, who is interested in technical service. Therefore, the guy will try to enter the educational and scientific institute of Technical Service in the specialty 133 Industrial Engineering. But, if they are lucky, the boys plan to settle in one dormitory and join the Velykoburlutskii fellowship, which was previously founded by students from this area.

We wish them a successful competitive selection and become students of our university. Dreams must come true.

Media Communications Department