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Certification of bachelors of the Institute of Technical Sciences

Certification of applicants for the higher education of the first “bachelor’s” in the specialty 133 “Industrial Engineering” branch of knowledge 13 “Mechanical Engineering” has begun. The exams started according to the approved schedule. The chairmen of the examination commissions Shevchenko Ihor, Mykhailov Anatoliy, and members Romanchenko Volodymyr, Tikhonov Oleksandr, Kalinin Yevhen, Kolpachenko Nadiya congratulated the students on the beginning of the final attestation and acquainted them with the rules of test examination.

Атестація бакалаврів  ННІ ТС

Presentation of specialty 051 Economics

The Department of Economics and Marketing of the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture presents the specialty 051 Economics, as well as educational and professional programs “Economics”, “Business Economics” and “International Economics”.

Презентація спеціальності 051 Економіка

Winners and laureates of the “Student Spring-2021” contest were awarded

As we have already informed, on June 16 in Kharkiv the winners of the XXVI City Festival-Competition “Student Spring-2021” were awarded, in which students and employees of our university took an active part. It is worth noting that the Department of Educational Work of Students of KhNTUA submitted 10 issues and 3 videos to the competition, which were evaluated by an authoritative jury. The high professionalism and creativity of our students allowed winning 3 first places, 2 third, and get 4 laureate diplomas.

Winners and laureates of the "Student Spring-2021" contest were awarded

Student spring-2021. Results of the competition.

On June 16, the XXVI City Student Amateur Art Competition “Student Spring – 2021” and the award ceremony took place in Kharkiv. The best employees of higher education institutions of the city of Kharkiv were also awarded for long-term cooperation and high-quality preparation of the organization and holding of the competition “Student Spring – 2021”. Among them is the head of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of KhNTUA – Maryna Mazorenko. The diploma was presented to her by Oleksiy Chubarov, Director of the Department for Family, Youth, and Sports of the Kharkiv City Council.

Студентська весна-2021. Підсумки конкурсу.

In Ukraine, the sowing of early spring cereals and legumes is coming to an end. According to the Ministry of Agricultural Development, as of June 10, 2021, the following were sown: wheat – 174.7 thousand hectares (99%); barley – 1.33 million hectares (96%); oats – 186.8 thousand hectares (96%); peas – 229.6 thousand hectares (98%).

В Україні завершено посівну кампанію

Presentation of the specialty 242 Tourism

Tourism Manager – one of the most popular specialties in the labor market. You can get such a specialty at the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture. Since 2018, the Department of UNESCO “Philosophy of Human Communication” and social sciences and humanities KhNTUA provides training for competitive professionals who have modern technologies in the field of tourism. Educational activities are carried out in several areas in cooperation with the tourism industry of the region.

Презентація спеціальності 242 Туризм

Dear future entrants!

If you want to enter our University and have certificates of external evaluation of previous years (2018, 2019, 2020), remember that admission is based on a certificate of complete secondary education or a diploma of a junior specialist. Apply for consultations to the Admissions Committee of KhNTUA at the address: st. Alchevsky, 44 or by phone +38 (057) 700 39 15, +38 (066) 213 50 38, +38 (098) 012 26 93.

Актуальна інформація

Educational and Scientific Institute of Mechanotronics and Management Systems invites you to study

Traditions of knowledge and modern technologies in combination with thorough practical training at partner companies are your way to success! The educational and scientific institute of mechanotronics and management systems has created unique educational programs that take into account the requirements of modern European standards and are focused on training professionals in the specialties: “Agricultural Engineering”, “Road Transport”, “Agronomy” and “Ecology”.

Навчально-науковий інститут механотроніки і систем менеджменту запрошує на навчання

The results of the laboratory “Agrospecekspert”

The purpose and main tasks of the laboratory “AGROSPECEXPERT” is to conduct research, perform research, provide scientific and technical services, manufacture of scientific and technical products to order of enterprises, organizations, institutions and firms, innovation, as well as providing conditions for quality training of specialists, in particular, specialists of the highest scientific qualification.

Результати діяльності лабораторії «Агроспецексперт»

Attention entrants and their parents!

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine continues to publish a series of video explanations on the most common issues of concern to prospective students and their parents. The fifth series deals with the priority of applications. Priority indicates the order of consideration of applications for admission submitted by a person. When submitting applications, they should be placed in the order of interest, wherein the first place will be the application submitted for the most desirable bid. The next statement is with lower priority. It is not possible to change the priority after applying.

До уваги вступників та їхніх батьків!

Mykola Fedchuk gathers friends

And wherever fate threw the graduates of our university! For example, Mykola Fedchuk (a graduate of KhIMEA in 1971) after graduating from the Faculty of Mechanization was sent to work at the Odessa Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering and then went to Chukotka.

Микола Федчук збирає друзів


Senior students of the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture test session continues. Ahead of exams and certification. And while there is a free minute, you can sit with friends on the green lawn in front of the main building of the university and chat with friends. The weather is conducive, and so is the summer mood.


Congratulations to our wrestlers on another victory

International ranking tournaments took place in Warsaw on June 8-13: Ziolkowski (freestyle wrestling), Pytlasinski (Greco-Roman wrestling), and Poland Open (women’s wrestling). On June 13, on the final day of Pitlyasynsky’s Rating Tournament in Warsaw, Kharkiv resident Semyon Novikov (87) brought a gold award to the treasury of the Ukrainian national team. In addition to Novikov’s medal, Ukrainian Greco-Roman wrestlers won three more awards at this tournament – silver (Yaroslav Filchakov) and two bronze (Bogdan Kovernyuk and Yasaf Zeynalov).

Вітаємо наших борців з черговою перемогою

Admission based on interviews and exams in 2021

The Conditions of Admission to Higher Education in 2021 define the categories of persons who will have the right to enter a higher education institution based on the results of an interview or the results of entrance exams.

Вступ на підставі співбесіди та іспитів у 2021 році

“We were taught to be human …”

These words belong to a graduate of our university, or rather – KhIMEA – Anatoly Tsilyurik, who in 1982 graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (now – the Institute of Energy and Computer Technology). Since then, there have been many changes in the life of the university and the lives of its graduates. But most of them remember their student years with pleasure and visit their native Alma Mater on occasion. Anatolii also recently visited KhNTUA to meet with his former classmate Viktor Zhyla (acting director of the Institute of ECT) and other university staff. And not just to meet, but to discuss ways of cooperation between our university and the Council of Agricultural Producers of Zolochiv (and now Bohodukhiv) district.

"We were taught to be human ..."