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Attention entrants and their parents!

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine continues to publish a series of video explanations on the most common issues of concern to prospective students and their parents. The fifth series deals with the priority of applications. Priority indicates the order of consideration of applications for admission submitted by a person. When submitting applications, they should be placed in the order of interest, wherein the first place will be the application submitted for the most desirable bid. The next statement is with lower priority. It is not possible to change the priority after applying.

It is important to remember that an entrant can only receive one budget recommendation. If you abandon the budget space determined by the algorithm, this year you can only enter into a contract.

Applications of entrants during the operation of the address placement algorithm are considered alternately, not simultaneously. More about this in the next series of videos.

The videos were prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science together with the State Enterprise Info resource and are available on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science in the section “Introductory Campaign 2021” and on the official YouTube channel of the Ministry.

Video explanations will also be accompanied by relevant infographics that will reflect the main stages of the introductory campaign. They will be posted in the “Introductory Campaign 2021” section of the official website of the Ministry of Education and Science and distributed on social networks and the media.

It will be recalled that the first series of video explanations is about submitting applications through the electronic system, the second – about the direct choice of the future specialty through electronic services. The third and fourth series is about the competitive offer and the competitive score.

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according to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.