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“We were taught to be human …”

These words belong to a graduate of our university, or rather – KhIMEA – Anatoly Tsilyurik, who in 1982 graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (now – the Institute of Energy and Computer Technology). Since then, there have been many changes in the life of the university and the lives of its graduates. But most of them remember their student years with pleasure and visit their native Alma Mater on occasion. Anatolii also recently visited KhNTUA to meet with his former classmate Viktor Zhyla (acting director of the Institute of ECT) and other university staff. And not just to meet, but to discuss ways of cooperation between our university and the Council of Agricultural Producers of Zolochiv (and now Bohodukhiv) district.

The fact is that Anatolii Tsylyuryk is a well-known and quite a successful agrarian in the Zolochiv region, he heads the peasant farm “Tsilyuryk”. In addition, he heads the Council of Agricultural Producers of Zolochiv Region and is well aware of the problems of local farmers and heads of agricultural enterprises. One of such problems is the lack of qualified engineering and technical personnel who can work with complex agricultural machinery, including foreign production. Such equipment is very expensive and, accordingly, requires proper maintenance. Therefore, qualified engineering and technical personnel training for farmers and other agricultural enterprises are of paramount importance …

We talked about this with A.V. Tsilyurik, the first vice-rector of the university M. Lysychenko, Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine A. Gorbanuiov, acting Director of the Institute of ECT V. Zyla. They agreed to develop cooperation between the university, agricultural producers of the Zolochiv region, and secondary schools of the Zolochiv territorial community. Perhaps the first result of such cooperation will be signing a tripartite cooperation agreement and filling it with specific content. And there new forms of cooperation will be extended to other districts of the Kharkiv region.

At the end of the meeting, the first vice-rector of KhNTUSG ML Lisichenko handed AV Tsilyurik remembers souvenirs on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the university, which was celebrated last year. He also wished the guest good weather and generous harvests in his fields. And we, in turn, recorded an interesting interview with Anatoly Vasilyevich, which we offer to your attention.

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