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The results of the laboratory “Agrospecekspert”

The purpose and main tasks of the laboratory “AGROSPECEXPERT” is to conduct research, perform research, provide scientific and technical services, manufacture of scientific and technical products to order of enterprises, organizations, institutions and firms, innovation, as well as providing conditions for quality training of specialists, in particular, specialists of the highest scientific qualification.

During the six months of its existence, the scientific laboratory headed by its head Serhiy Kharchenko has formed the principles of its activity with organizations and enterprises, which allowed

The results of the laboratory "Agrospecekspert"

get some gains. In particular, the laboratory has established cooperation and implemented the following research projects:

– with PJSC “Kharkivprodmash” on the topics “Development of manual for operation of drum separators type SB”, “Development of pneumatic separator modular type”;

– from PJSC “Frunze Plant” “Scientific verification of the efficiency of cylindrical sieves with different locations of longitudinal holes”;

– from FOP Kharchenko Dmytro Oleksandrovych “Research of structural and kinematic parameters and characteristics of small crushers”;

– from PJSC KMZ “Development of technical documentation (sketch drawings) and recommendations for changes in structures, for further serial production at PJSC” Karlovy Vary Mechanical Plant “of the shaft of the separator drum KBS 1270.4.00”.


The results of the laboratory "Agrospecekspert"

The total budget of economic contract topics in which the laboratory took part amounted to UAH 74,800.

A separate area of ​​activity of the laboratory is participation in grant projects.

Applications for the organization of the laboratory and the scientific part of the university were submitted for state grants in the field of “Improving food security with the development of competitive technologies for quality seeds with improved biopotential” (KNTUA) and “Identification by ultra-low photon emission its sowing and yielding qualities and substantiation of parameters of technical means for its carrying out »(Lviv NAU). The grant application from KhNTUA was prepared by prof. Olshansky V., prof. Kharchenko S., associate professor Pankova O., prof. Kovalishin S. (Lviv NAU). The examination of the project established 76.5 points, which is the maximum among the submitted projects by the teams of KhNTUA in 2021.

Another project was submitted by Lviv NAU under the leadership of prof. Kovalishina SY, whose performers included prof. Kharchenko SO This project scored a sufficient number of points (84 points), which allowed me to obtain funding and start work. The total amount of project financing is UAH 600,000.

Also, the laboratory together with the international department (Vitkovskyy Yu.) and the scientific part (Melnyk V.) organized the submission of applications for international grants:

– applications for the competition of Ukrainian-Lithuanian projects were prepared by S. Kharchenko, О. Nanka, V. Melnyk, Yu. Vitkovskyy, M. Bakum, V. Olshanskyy, V. Bredikhin, M. Artomov, О. Kalyuzhnyy, L. Puzik, M. Shuliak, О. Shanina, T. Havrysh, І. Galyasnyy, O. Pankova, O. Anikeev, K. Syrovytskyy, V. Adamchuk, S. Stepanenko, A. Kuzmich, O. Hrytsaka, V. Sheila, V. Dnes, R. Kudrynetskyy, V. Sementsov, V. Sementsov, I. Ivlev.

– applications for the competition of Ukrainian-Chinese projects were prepared by S. Kharchenko, V. Melnyk, Yu. Vitkovskyy, M. Bakum, V. Olshanskyy, O. Pankova, K. Syrovytskyy;

– applications for the competition of Ukrainian-American projects were prepared by S. Kharchenko, М. Shulyak, O. Pankova;

– for the investment project of Ukrininvest State Enterprise the application was prepared by S. Kharchenko, V. Bredikhin, M. Bakum, F. Kharchenko.

Applications for these international projects are being considered by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministries of the countries participating in the competition.

For active research work of project executors at the end of the school year was awarded thanks from the Vice-Rector for Research Melnyk V. and the head of the laboratory Kharchenko S.

The laboratory is trying to expand its scope of activities. Thus, a standard contract for the scientific support of technological processes has been developed and agreed upon with the departments and services of the university. A new concept of providing services in the form of scientific advice on this process for a certain period, which allows increasing its efficiency.

An agreement on scientific and technical cooperation with the MIRT farm was signed to optimize the processes of post-harvest processing of grain and technological processes of animal husbandry.

With the participation of laboratory specialists, a discussion was held and an agreement was concluded with the machine-building enterprise PJSC “Kharkivprodmash” (Kharkiv) to conduct research practice for a group of masters majoring in 208 Agroengineering.

We invite all interested persons to cooperate with the laboratory, we will be grateful for constructive wishes and business proposals.

Sergey Kharchenko,

Head of NL “Agrospetsekspert”, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

The results of the laboratory "Agrospecekspert"