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Mykola Fedchuk gathers friends

And wherever fate threw the graduates of our university! For example, Mykola Fedchuk (a graduate of KhIMEA in 1971) after graduating from the Faculty of Mechanization was sent to work at the Odessa Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering and then went to Chukotka.

— I was going to work there for two years to earn money for an apartment, but it so happened that I stayed for 20 years, – says Mykola. – At first, he worked for five years as the head of the motor park of the Otrozhnyi mine, then as the chief engineer – deputy. director of the state farm named after Lenin of Chukotka district, and at the age of 33 I was appointed director of the state farm “Markovsky” of Anadyr district, which was one of the largest farms on the Chukotka Peninsula.

Mykola Oleksiiovych is proud to say that he brought this farm from eighth to second place during the years of his leadership from eighth to second place in terms of production indicators. Although I never thought that I would be engaged in reindeer herding and so far from my homeland.

— You can imagine what a farm it was, covering an area of more than 60,000 square kilometers and keeping 41,000 deer, – continues Mykola Fedchuk, – I had 14 reindeer herding brigades scattered throughout the territory. We sold 12,000 deer for meat every year because their meat was dietary and highly valued. The Americans offered us 3 kilograms of beef for 1 kilogram of venison, but the Soviet leadership forbade such an exchange…

For the last seven years, Mykola worked as the deputy general director of the Chukotka district agro-industry, and in 1992, after retiring, he returned with his family to Kharkiv, where he spent his youth. He organized the construction of a 9th-floor cooperative house here and settled in it himself. He says that here, too, he needed university science and life experience.

And Mykola started looking for his university friends – classmates and classmates and organizing meetings with them. To give both yourself and their happy hours of communication. By name, he knows all his classmates, gratefully remembers his teachers and the former dean of the Faculty of Mechanization L.S. Yermolov. The only thing that Mykola sincerely regrets is that many of his classmates are no longer in this world, and those who are alive are getting harder and harder to gather every year. But he is not losing hope, because he is currently preparing for the anniversary meeting of his classmates, which is sure to take place in any weather. In fact, with this idea, he visited our university to share his immediate plans with the leadership of KhNTUA and get his support.

Of course, Mykola Fedchuk received the following support: both moral and organizational. Therefore, we are convinced that the anniversary meeting of our university graduates (50 years after the end of KhIMEA) will be held at the highest level. It will take place on June 26, this year. (Saturday). Gathering of graduates at 10:00 on the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred Square (former Rudnev Square) near the memorial stele.

Well, finally. We cannot express admiration for the energy and optimism of Mykola Fedchuk, who at the age of 75 looks much younger, has a bright mind and a good memory, as well as a great sense of humor. He says he still plays volleyball, which he loved as a student. And Mykola was happy to share the recipe of his youth: “Do sports, love women, befriends and love people. And you will be fine!”.

Thank you for the acquaintance, dear Mykola, and we wish you and your friends all the best. See you later!

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