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He studied in Kharkiv. To the 120th anniversary of Simon S. Kuznets

The name of Nobel Laureate in Economics Semyon (Simon) Kuznets is well known in the scientific world. But not everyone remembers that until 1922 he lived in Ukraine and studied in Kharkiv. This year marks 120 years since the birth of the famous scientist.

The Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture, which inherited the historic premises of the former Kharkiv Commercial Institute, is also preparing for this significant date (April 30). It was within the walls of this institute in 1918-1919 that Simon Smith Kuznets studied, attending lectures by authoritative scientists and professors: P. Fomin (political economy), V. Levitsky (History of Economic Doctrines), A. Fateev (General Theory of Law), O. Serikov. Commercial arithmetic) and others.

The best educational traditions, which were laid down at the Kharkiv Commercial Institute, are now continued by teachers of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Business and Management, which includes 6 departments, including the Department of Organization of Production, Business and Management, Accounting, and Auditing, Economics and Marketing and others. Some scientific and practical conferences will be held based on these departments, during which the scientific achievements of the scientist will be mentioned. In particular, on April 26 from 10:00 to 11:00 the head of the Department of Economics and Marketing, Professor V. Oneginа will give an open lecture on “The Scientific Heritage of S. Kuznets” at Google Meet. Links for participants:

As is well known, S. Kuznets received the Nobel Prize in Economics “for an empirically sound interpretation of economic growth, which led to a new, deeper understanding of the economic and social structure and the process of development in general.”

Ten years ago, a memorial plaque dedicated to Simon Smith Kuznets was erected on the KhNTUA building at 44 Alchevskykh Street.

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