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From July 14, higher education institutions will start accepting documents from entrants who wish to obtain higher education in a particular specialty. This is a very hot and responsible time for the members of the admissions committees, as a significant influx of applicants and their parents is expected at this time, each of whom will need to pay some attention and time.

Members of the Admissions Committee of KhNTUA are preparing for the influx of entrants. The composition of the Admissions Committee is strengthened by an experienced staff of research and educational institutes and faculties, as well as undergraduate students who already have relevant experience in the commission. Each of them has specific responsibilities and tasks that will be controlled by the administration.

Today, members of the Admissions Committee underwent a final briefing, which was conducted by the first vice-rector of the university M. Lysychenko and Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee SM Skofenko. According to their forecasts, this year the number of applications for admission to the university is expected at the level of 2020, and for some specialties even more. Therefore, there will be a lot of work. But the members of the Admissions Committee are ready for such work and, as always, perform it at the appropriate level.

We remind you that the Admissions Committee of KhNTUA is located at Kharkiv, st. Alchevskikh, 44. Contact telephones: (057) 700 39 15, 716 41 35; 066-213-50-38; 098-012-26-93. E-mail:

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