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Practice of future furniture makers and forestry specialists

At the Department of Woodworking Technologies and Systems Engineering of the Forest Complex (Head of the Department of Economics, Associate Professor Suska A.) of the Faculty of TSL by the schedule of the educational process organized internships for bachelors and masters majoring in 187 “Woodworking and furniture technologies ”and 205“ Forestry ”.

Training technological practices take place in training and production workshops. Heads of practice master of industrial training Smal S., head of training and production workshop number 2 Dishchenko A. During the internship, students acquire skills in setting up various woodworking machines, making parts, installing fittings, and assembling cabinet furniture.

The practice of future forestry specialists is also interesting. About 50% of Ukraine’s forests (approximately 50,000 sq. Km) are artificially created and therefore require intensive care. Therefore, in the preparation of students majoring in 205 Forestry, considerable attention is paid to the care of forest crops – the cultivation of seedlings and saplings and further deforestation and afforestation. Senior lecturer Ph.D. Govorukhu OV and Ph.D., associate professor Gradysky YO, who have significant pedagogical and practical experience.

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