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Dear graduate students and candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy!

We invite you to take part inthe training «TOLERANCE – THE ART OF LIVING IN A WORLD OF DIFFERENCES».

The date of the quarantine training will be specified later.

NEWS The competition for the award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists in 2021 has been announced.

The Secretariat of the Committee on State Awards of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technology announces a competition for the annual award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists. Prepare the necessary materials by the “Regulations on the Prize of the President of Ukraine for Young Scientists”, approved by the Decree of the President of Ukraine of June 12, 2000, № 779/2000, and send them in one copy to the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences with a cover letter from the Institute strong> February 1, 2021, for consideration at a meeting of the Presidium of NAAS.

The Committee for State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of science and technology accepts the nominated works for the annual award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists by March 1 of each year. Documents and materials are submitted to the Committee personally by one of the applicants.

Please note that the scientific value of the work submitted for the above award should be at the level of the best world and domestic counterparts. The implementation of its results should contribute to the further development of science, social progress and affirm the high authority of domestic science in the world. Information on the design of the work can be found on the Committee’s

NEWSAccording to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1284 Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of 16.10.2020 № 1284 “On the appointment of an academic scholarship named after MS Hrushevsky to graduate students for the 2020/2021 academic year” Minenko Sofia Ivanovna awarded a scholarship named after MS Hrushevsky.

Academic scholarships named after M. Hrushevsky are appointed to graduate students of higher education and research institutions that have excelled in teaching and research. This year, 11 gifted graduate students of the second year of study will receive a scholarship. Among the 2 best graduate students from the Kharkiv region and a graduate student of the Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture named after Petro Vasylenko – Minenko S. (supervisor – Ph.D., Associate Professor O. Dudnyk).

In 2018, S. Minenko graduated with honors from KhNTUA and obtained a master’s degree in management. In September 2018, she entered graduate school with a degree in 073 Management.

Sofia successfully implements the individual plan of the graduate student. Publishes scientific articles in domestic and foreign publications, takes an active part in various scientific-practical and scientific-methodical conferences, conducts active research work. During her postgraduate studies, she established herself as a diligent, disciplined graduate student who has the methodology and methods of scientific and educational work.

We sincerely congratulate Sofia Ivanovna on receiving an academic scholarship named after M. Hrushevsky and we wish you good health, life inspiration, professional success, personal creative achievements, successful completion of postgraduate studies, and early defense of the dissertation of the Doctor of Philosophy!

The staff of the department of postgraduate and doctoral studies of KhNTUA