Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Committee on Youth and Sports

       The Committee on Youth and Sports reports directly to the Rector, whose work is coordinated by the Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching.

       The head of the committee is a member of the Academic Council and the Rectorate.

       The committee carries out its work in close cooperation with the trade union committee, the student parliament, the directorates of educational and scientific institutes, the board of curators, the campus council, the scientific library, the exhibition, and museum center, unit for organizing educational work of students, strong> Center for Gender Education, Psychological Service, Humanities Departments, Student Club, University Veterans Council.

        The committee consists of deputy directors of the Institute for Educational Work, Chairman of the trade union committee, director of the campus, director of the student club, chairman of the sports club, director of the exhibition and museum center, head of the department for organizing educational work of students, head of the Center gender education, head of the Psychological Service, representatives of the humanities departments and the scientific library, the chairman of the student parliament.

       Educational work at the university is carried out by the Concept of educational work of KhNTUA, the Program of sustainable development of the university, the Paradigm of the advanced function of education, the Comprehensive plan of educational work for the academic year, the calendar plan of current activities. The planning and implementation of activities take into account the implementation of the philosophy of success, education, work is carried out by the Code of Honor adopted by the University. The introduction of a quality management system has given the educational work of the university systematization and clarity, due to which the monitoring of educational activities is carried out and feedback with consumers of educational services is provided.

         The program of organizational and educational activities of the Concept of educational activities is annually reviewed following the calendar of significant and memorable dates and approved at a meeting of the Committee on Youth and Sports.


Regulations on the Committee on Youth and Sports

Committee on Youth and SportsCommittee on Youth and Sports

Committee on Youth and Sports