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The IV International Educational School on Sustainable Mobility has started

On April 21, 2021, the IV Spring School on Sustainable Mobility “The Impact of the Pandemic on Mobility” began its work. This event, not for the first time, was attended by students majoring in 275 “Transport Technology” and teachers of the Department of Transport Technology and Logistics, Faculty of Technological Systems and Logistics: prof. Shramenko N., docent Berezhna N., Assoc. Gorodetskaya T. and Senior teacher Kutya O. as well as representatives of other free economic zones and transport specialists.

The school is run by Kharkiv National Road University with the participation of the NGO “Ecodia”, with the support of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation within the EU4USociety grant project, and with the support of the Foundation. Heinrich Böll, Bureau Kyiv – Ukraine.

Speakers of the first day were: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Transport Systems and Logistics, KhNADU – Gorbachev PF; school coordinator, Ph.D., a consultant on transport planning and infrastructure – Olena Chernyshova; Ekodia transport specialist Iryna Bondarenko; Prof. Dr.-rer. pol., Chair for Bicycle Transport, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences – Angela Francke and Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Swt., Senior Researcher at the Chair of Traffic Control and Process Automation, TU Dresden – Sven Fröhlich. All reports provoked a lively discussion and were actively discussed by school participants.

We thank the organizers of the school for the opportunity to join an interesting educational event, and especially the school coordinator, Art. off Department of Transport Systems and Logistics of KhNADU – Tatiana Tokmilenko.

Berezhna Nataliia,

Associate Professor