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Students listened to a lecture on combating bullying

In 2019, the norms of the law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Combating Bullying (Bullying)” came into force, which defines the concept of bullying and methods of combating this social evil.

According to the Law, Bullying is an act (action or inaction) of participants in the educational process, which consists of psychological, physical, economic, sexual violence, including electronic means of communication committed against a minor or (or) such person with other participants in the educational process, the mental or physical health of the victim mayor has been harmed.

Typical signs of bullying are:

  • systematic (repetitive) action;
  • the presence of the parties – the abuser (Buller), the victim (victim of bullying), observers;
  • consequences in the form of mental and/or physical harm, humiliation, fear, anxiety, subordination of the victim to the interests of the offender, and/or causing social isolation of the victim.

All this is worth knowing for teachers and students of our university. Therefore, on May 21, 2021, as part of the celebration of Science Day in Ukraine, students majoring in 071 Accounting and Taxation and 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance joined a lecture given by Kateryna, Candidate of Law, Lecturer at the Department of Criminology and Criminal Executive Law, Yaroslav the Wise National University. Dmitrievna Kulik. The lecture was devoted to the topic of combating and preventing bowling and aroused considerable interest among listeners. In particular, during the lecture, the essence of bullying, its forms, typical signs, factors contributing to bullying (personal, family, social, environment), and ways to prevent bullying were considered.

We believe that such lectures will be useful for all students of our university.

Marenych Tetiana, Head of the Department of Accounting and Auditing, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Lutsenko Olena, Associate Professor of Accounting and Auditing, Ph.D., Associate Professor.