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Scientific activity of the university: problems, achievements, prospects.


It should be noted that the scientific work at our university is carried out under the slogan “From specialization to integration”, according to which a number of integrated research areas (projects) have been formed. For example, one of these projects concerns the primary processing of grain and is carried out within the state-budget research work “Foodgrain security with the creation of environmentally friendly, resource-saving, energy-saving mechanized technologies for storage and processing of crops and obtaining high-quality seeds” (supervisors V. Olshansky, S. Kharchenko). Currently, within the framework of this project, there are two transitional economic contracts of the GDR, the customer of which is PJSC Karliv Machine-Building Plant (Karlivka, Poltava region). Under the guidance of Ph.D. Associate Professor S.O. Kharchenko on this topic was also successfully defended in the dissertation Ye. Haiek 

It is possible to give further examples of successful scientific activity of employees of our university which are practically in all educational and scientific divisions of KhNTUA. This is also evidenced by the number of textbooks, monographs, and scientific publications published and published by university staff in recent times, including in foreign publications. It will be recalled that according to the Scopus 2021 rating, KhNTUA took 72nd place (+32 steps per year). Currently, the university profile includes 394 (+153 per year) publications, which have been cited 1,076 times (+548 per year). And this is one of the best indicators among other institutions of higher education in agriculture.

All this suggests that KhNTUA has significant scientific potential, including human resources, and under favorable conditions, it can give tangible results. The activities of the National Research Fund of Ukraine, which is designed to stimulate basic and applied research and integration of Ukraine’s research infrastructure into the world research space, are also aimed at achieving such results. To this end, the State Target Program for the Development of Research Infrastructures in Ukraine for the period up to 2026 is being developed at the state level (the Government recently approved the Concept of this program). In turn, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has approved an updated Roadmap for the integration of Ukraine’s research and innovation system into the European Research Area and is working on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union’s Horizon Europe Framework Program for Research and Innovation. We hope that our university will also join this large-scale program, one of the clusters of which is dedicated to research in the field of the food industry, bioeconomics, natural resources, agriculture, and the environment.

It should also be noted that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine recently completed a reporting campaign on the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities of higher education institutions and research institutions under the Ministry in 2020. In total, 136 higher education institutions and 16 research institutions presented their reports, including and Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture, who presented the Vice-Rector for Research V. Melnyk.

It will also be recalled that in March 2021, our university successfully passed the state certification in terms of its scientific (scientific and technical) activities in the scientific areas of “Social Sciences” and “Technical Sciences”.

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