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Leaders of publishing activity of KhNTUA according to Scopus

On April 26, 2021, the website published another rating of Ukrainian free economic zones, compiled in accordance with the results of scientometric monitoring of the subjects of scientific and publishing activities of the country according to the Scopus database. In the ranking table, Ukrainian universities are ranked according to the Hirsch index – a quantitative indicator based on the number of scientific publications and the number of citations.

KNTUSG confirms the positive dynamics of publishing activity and currently ranks 72nd (+32 steps per year) in the Scopus ranking. The university profile currently includes 394 (+153 per year) publications, which are cited 1,076 times (+548 per year), the Hirsch index was 18 (+8 per year).

A steady upward trend this year was provided by 152 publications indexed in Scopus in 2020. 45 of them were quoted. Top 5 most cited publications:

1.Criteria for performing breakthroughs in the holes of radio-electronic means under the influence of electromagnetic radiation / M. Iasechko, M. Kolmykov, V. V. Larin, Serhii Bazilo, Genadiy Lyashenko, P. A. Kravchenko, Nadezhda Polyanova, I. Sharapa // ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. – 2020. – Vol. 15, Issue 12. – P. 1380-1384 Cited 30 times.

2.Application of Dielectric Barrier Discharge and Plasma-Chemical Reactor for Water Purification from NH4OH / V. S. Taran, I. E. Garkusha, V. V. Krasnyj, A. V. Taran, A. S. Lozina, O. G. Chechelnitskyi, I. M. Boldyriev, S. Romaniuk // Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. – 2020. – Vol. 130, Issue 6. – P. 119-122.. Cited 29 times.

3.Occurrence, sources and conventional treatment techniques for various antibiotics present in hospital wastewaters: A critical review / N. A. Khan, A. Sirajuddin, Farooqi, Izharul Haq, A. Imran, V. Vambol, F. Changani, Y. Mahmood, Sergij Vambol, A. H. Khan // TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry. – 2020. – Vol. 129. – Ст. 115921. Cited 27 times.

4.Modern processes of regional economic integration of Ukraine in the context of sustainable development / V. Babenko, I. Perevozova, M. Kravchenko, Margaryta Krutko, D. Babenko // Sustainable Futures: Environmental, Technological, Social and Economic Matters : International Conference, Kryvyi Rih, 20-22 May 2020. – Kryvyi Rih, 2020. – Vol. 166: 22 April, № 12001. – P. 1-6. Cited 17 times.

5.Shramenko, N.Forecasting of overloading volumes in transport systems based on the fuzzy-neural model / Natalya Shramenko, Dmitriy Muzylyov // Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. – 2020. – P. 311-320. Cited 14 times.

Leaders of publishing activity in 2020 were: Miroshnyk O. (+13), Shramenko N. (+11), Muzylov D. (+10), Kalinin Ye. (+6), Romanyuk S. (+8), Wambol S. (+6), Migal V. (+6), Skoblo T. (+7), Savchenko O. (+ 5), Trunova I. (+5) Paliyi A. (+5), Melnyk V. (+4), Tymchuk S. (+4), Shanina O. (+ 4).

In 2020, 12 scientists added 3 publications to their assets: Antoshchenkova V., Dudnikov S., Yegorova O., Kis V., Kovach D., Kravchenko O., Moroz O., Puzik V., Puzik L., Zaika S. Paziy V., Manoilo V..

Also in 2020, 2 more publications have 2 and 17 authors each.

The full list of 2020 publications indexed in Scopus can be viewed at the link in the “Publications in Scopus” section of the resource «WEB-portfolio of scientists of KhNTUA».

Congratulations to the scientific community of the university and we wish further success!

N. Nikolaienko, Director of the Scientific Library, Candidate of Sciences in Social Communications