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Results of the student youth forum – 2021

On March 25-26, 2021, our university hosted the annual 17-th International Youth Forum “Youth and Agricultural Machinery in the XXI Century”. At the plenary session, the rector of KhNTUA O. Nanka greeted the participants of the forum and made an introductory speech, emphasizing that the main purpose of this educational event is to expand the scientific and technical horizons of young farmers and encourage them to participate in innovative work.

It should be noted that this professional youth scientific-practical event, which has already become a tradition, was held in accordance with the Plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “On the formation of the list of international, all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences of higher education and young scientists in 2021”. .20 № 22/1 / 10-2175). But due to forced nationwide quarantine restrictions, the forum was held online this year.

The purpose of this professional event was to encourage student youth to research activities on the development, operation, maintenance, and repair of promising agricultural machinery, rural development and improve the quality of training for the agricultural cluster.

One of the most important directions of development of the domestic agro-industrial complex is the formation of full-fledged youth intellectual potential for the implementation of progressive directions of development of the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy. In this process, raising the level of education and creating opportunities for the fullest possible disclosure of the talents of young scientists must be decisive. Therefore, 483 participants joined the professional youth event held at our university, including 15 participants from foreign countries: Germany, Denmark, Poland, and others. The organizing committee of the forum received 370 abstracts (including 15 from other countries).

The results of their research work at the forum were presented by students, undergraduates, graduate students, young scientists from 25, both Ukrainian and foreign, higher education institutions, specialized enterprises, organizations, and institutions. The organizing committee of the forum headed by the rector of KhNTUA O. Nanka and the first deputy chairman, director of the Scientific Research Institute TS TS Saichuk, as well as members of the organizing committee, heads of educational and scientific institutes V. Vlasovets, V. Zyla, V. Bredikhin, O. Gridin and Dean of the Faculty of Technological Systems and Logistics A. Kravtsov organized the work of 16 online sections of various scientific and practical directions.

The participants of the forum, who spoke at the meetings of the sections, paid much attention not only to the general issues of development of modern structures and technical operation of new agricultural machinery, but also to specific ideas for creating new machines, equipment, devices for the crop, livestock, technical service, forestry, and park. farms. The forum also discussed issues related to automation and computer technology in agriculture, the use of alternative energy sources, and new fuels and lubricants. The economic aspects of the development and operation of modern machine complexes, philosophical and humanitarian problems of agricultural activity, and socio-political problems of the modern village were also taken into account.

For their research, the forum participants chose both traditional topics related to the improvement of existing mechanisms and machines, strengthening the working surfaces of parts, optimizing the modes of operation of agricultural machinery, and new current topics.

According to the results of the 17-th International Youth Forum “Youth and Agricultural Machinery in the XXI Century”, thanks to the diligent and purposeful work of V. Romanchenko, members of the organizing committee O. Martynenko, and O. Tikhonov. During the forum, it was published a 460-page collection of materials forum, which included 370 abstracts of reports of its participants.

Summing up the results of this year’s forum of student youth, it should be noted: the scientific and practical purpose of research and activity of its participants show that modern youth seeks to live with modern progress, and such scientific and practical activities help creative youth, socially active students to acquire skills creative search, initiative, and caring attitude to the environment and to the native land.

V. Bantkovskyi, member of the organizing committee of the forum.

Results of the student youth forum - 2021