Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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The presence of quarantine does not ensure the constant operation of machines and units of the agro-industrial complex. They do not cease to wear out, break down and require timely diagnosis of the technical condition, the choice of rational modes of operation, and quality service.

That is why the applicants of the ESI TS Scientific Research Institute of Vehicle Specialty 133 “Industrial Engineering” of the Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture named after Petro Vasylenko successfully passed the internship in the car service for car diagnostics and repair. This practice is the end of a series of disciplines on the operation and diagnostics of tractors, cars, and agricultural units, which were taught at the Department of Operation, Reliability, Strength, and Construction named after V. Anilovich.

Young professionals are the future of any company. Therefore, car service representatives plan their development for several years ahead. Of course, you can not do without young future professionals, who are trained by the Institute of Vehicles. It was to attract such personnel that an internship was organized and conducted.

Car service is a modern technical center equipped with professional equipment for high-precision diagnostics and high-quality car repair. The growing role and importance of technical diagnostics of cars are associated with the general technical development and complexity of their technical systems, the need to ensure technical and environmental safety, efficient operation.

Applicants got acquainted with the features of work in the sales area, with the full cycle of the service (from the customer’s visit to the issuance of the car after the repair), we’re able to assess and test the level of equipment of the production shop. Due to the quarantine norms, the production practice was carried out in groups of 2-3 people, which made it safe and effective.

The list of works performed at the car service with which the applicants were acquainted: computer diagnostics, regulation (prevention) and repair of car engines; computer diagnostics and repair of car chassis; diagnostics and repair of automatic transmissions; diagnostics and repair of electrical systems of cars; the whole complex for the prevention of the fuel system, including ultrasonic flushing of the injectors; partial and complete oil change in the automatic transmission.

Through internships in car service, applicants were able to understand how the car service should be organized, what services can be provided to customers, and at what level, how to communicate with the customer. The internship allowed apply existing knowledge, gain work experience, gain new professional knowledge and skills.

Directorate of the ESI TS.