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Recently, under the general editorship of the first vice-rector of KhNTUA, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor M. Lysychenko published a textbook “Safety in Emergencies” in two parts, which also worked on: the head of the department Safety of life та прав а М. Kirienko , Professor V.MVlasovets , Doctor of Philosophy В. Bredikhin , professor В. Wambol , Associate Professor І. Cherepnyov and Professor S. Wambol.

This work was performed by scientific and pedagogical staff of the university in order to further improve the efficiency of the educational process in the framework of scientific and methodological work and in accordance with the plan of publishing activities of KhNTUA. In the process of working on the book the results of theoretical and practical developments and scientific researches of the mentioned authors were used.

The first part of the emergency textbook covers the basic concepts and definitions of emergency safety and civil protection. The evolution of views in the legislation of terms of disaster (catastrophe) is considered. The principles of classification and scenarios for the development of emergencies, monitoring and identification of high-risk objects, etc. are given. The manual also discusses in detail the causes that provoke natural and man-made disasters, their impact factors and consequences.

The second part of the textbook “Protection of the population and territories” explores the main directions and components of a set of measures to protect the population and territories in emergencies. An overview of regulations of different levels on the basis of which the planning and implementation of these actions. Measures to carry out operational notification of the population, engineering protection of territories, issues of medical and psychological protection of the population, as well as radiation and chemical reconnaissance devices are also considered. A separate section is devoted to the state reserve and food security.

The publication is designed for students of higher education institutions of Ukraine III-IV levels of accreditation, it will also be useful for masters, graduate students, research and teaching staff, and agricultural workers.

The department of “Life safety and law”.