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Academic integrity

Academic integrity is a set of ethical principles and defined by the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, this Law and other laws of Ukraine rules that should guide participants in the educational process during training, teaching, and conducting scientific (creative) activities to ensure confidence in learning outcomes and/or scientific (creative) achievements (Article 1 of the Law “On Higher Education”).

Academic freedom is independence and autonomy of participants in the educational process during pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical, scientific and/or innovative activities carried out on the principles of freedom of speech and creativity, dissemination of knowledge and information, research and use of their results and implemented taking into account restrictions established by law.

Academic integrity

Academic integrityAcademic integrityAcademic integrityAcademic integrityAcademic integrity

For violation of academic integrity in the Institute of MMS pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers, as well as students may be held academically liable, the types of which are determined by the Regulations on the organization of the educational process and the Regulations on verification of scientific, educational, qualification and teaching the presence of academic plagiarism KNTUA.

For violation of academic integrity and ethics of academic relations, higher education students may be held liable for the following academic liability:

  • reducing the results of assessment of tests, exams, tests, etc .;
  • re-assessment (tests, exams, tests, etc.);
  • Assignment of additional control measures (additional individual tasks, additional control works, tests, etc.);
  • additional verification of all works by the infringer;
  • Re-passing the relevant educational component of the educational program;
  • Restriction of the violator’s participation in scientific research, exclusion from certain scientific projects;
  • reprimand with entry of the violator in the personal file;
  • deductions from the educational institution.

The decision to award the degree of higher education and assign the appropriate qualification is revoked by the higher education institution in case of detection of violations of academic integrity by the applicant, in particular the presence of academic plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, in the manner prescribed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”).

For violations of academic integrity and ethics of academic relationships, employees may be held subject to the following academic liability:

  • warning;
  • deprivation of the right to participate in competitions for funding for research and implementation of educational projects, scholarships, grants, etc .;
  • refusal to award or deprivation of the awarded scientific degree or awarded the academic title (paragraph 6 of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”).

In case of detection of academic plagiarism in the work that was previously published, the person who discovered and is ready to prove the fact of academic plagiarism shall notify the Vice-Rector with an official note.

The supervisor is responsible for organizing the performance of the student’s work inspection in due time.

In case of the low level of originality of the student’s qualification work, the supervisor warns the author (student) and initiates the decision not to allow his work to be defended and finalized, in case of disagreement of the author – informs the memo of the director of the Institute of MMS.

To consider the student’s statement of disagreement with the results of plagiarism testing at the Institute of MMS, a commission is created, the personal composition of which is approved by research and teaching staff of relevant departments (total no more than 5 people) by order of the director of the Institute.

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