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Industrial practice of students of the ESI PFP specialty “Industrial Engineering”

The internship of students of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Processing and Food Production (ESI PFP) specialty “Industrial Engineering”, studying for the educational and professional program “Engineering of food processing”, is always interesting because it is related to food production.

Having received a thorough theoretical knowledge at the Department of Equipment and Engineering of Processing and Food Production, students improve their practical training at meat plants, dairies, feed mills, etc. The scope of students’ activities includes work with refrigeration equipment, air conditioning systems, and equipment for processing any food, working in design offices.

During the internship, the student not only gains experience with innovative equipment but also psychologically adjusts to work with manufacturers, learns the vocabulary and psychology of the enterprise, as in the future has the opportunity to get a job at this company.

It should be noted that the demand for graduates of this specialty is increasing every year, as evidenced by the dynamics of growth in the number of entrants to the OPP “Engineering of processing and food production.”

Directorate of the ESI PFP