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Grain processing apparatuses have passed advanced training courses

According to the order of the rector of KhNTUA O. Nanka from 12 to 21 May 2021 based on the Institute of Postgraduate Education in distance learning courses were conducted under the program: “Methods of drying grain and new designs of grain dryers.” Employees of PSP Chervonyi Mayak (Chernihiv Region) and Tradex Agri LLC (Rivne Region) took part in the work.

The following topics were considered during the training:

  • Cereals, legumes, and oilseeds, their properties as an object of cleaning and drying of grain;
  • Transport equipment of bakery enterprises;
  • Grain cleaning machines;
  • Grain storage and ventilation;
  • Methods of grain drying and construction of grain dryers;
  • Maintenance, repair, and improvement of grain dryers;
  • Occupational safety during maintenance and repair of equipment.

Active participation in the preparation and conduct of classes were: Director of the Institute of Postgraduate Education A. Autukhov, Head of the Department of Equipment and Engineering of Processing and Food Production O. Bogomolov, associate professor of the mentioned department I. Lukyanov, professor of the same department P. Gursky and associate professor V. Sherstyuk.

Lectures on each topic were conducted through the Google Meet service online. In addition, students had the opportunity to study the material independently on the distance learning platform Moodle-3.

Upon completion of the training, students received certificates of advanced training and new knowledge that will help them in their work.

О. Dubrova, Methodist of the Institute of Postgraduate Education