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Classical law education in KhNTUA. We invite you to study!

Dear entrants! The Department of Life Safety and Law invites you to study law.

The legal profession is one of the most interesting professions in the world. Law as a part of the culture makes our world the only one in any corner of the globe.

The legal profession appeared in antiquity. Already in the pantheon of gods of ancient Greece was present the goddess of justice Themis, the goddess of truth and justice Dicke, the goddess of revenge Nemesis.

Created in ancient Rome, the so-called Roman law is still mandatory to study in any respectable law school. More than half of the modern civil legislation of the countries of the continental system, including Ukraine, is based on its norms.

Even the Romans divided all the rights to the public (what is interesting to the state) and private civil (what is interesting to the population), and this division still exists.

Who is a lawyer today?

A lawyer is a practitioner in the field of law and law. The main job of a lawyer is to protect the rights and control over the observance of laws.

The legal profession unites specialists in various legal fields, including notaries, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, legal advisers, specialists in tax, criminal, civil, military and other fields.

You can regularly hear shouts about the overproduction of lawyers per capita, although, in fact, their huge underproduction. What’s the matter?

The fact is that in many positions related to law enforcement and attached to paperwork, higher legal education is essential.

In some Ministries, chaos is created due to the impenetrable legal illiteracy of its employees, as most of them have different types of education. And a lawyer, in general, can manage any power structure.

Yes Yes. A law graduate who knows the nuances of the law is able to find loopholes in them, and if necessary and relatively honestly abuse them, has a small chance to rule his native country, an indisputable historical fact.

What qualities should a lawyer have?

A lawyer needs to have a developed will and a heightened sense of responsibility – often in his hands the fate of people, and mistakes can be very costly.

A lawyer needs a tenacious analytical mind, excellent memory, the ability to relate different categories and facts, to distinguish between causal relationships. Work requires good concentration and perseverance.

A lawyer must be persistent, assertive, and have a high degree of emotional stability and resilience to stress.

Well, an important detail, which is often neglected in our time – a lawyer must have high moral principles and integrity. This is what makes him a true noble fighter for rights.

Which lawyers are trained by the Department of Life Safety and Law?

In the first two years, a law student receives a classical legal education, studying: the theory of law, the work of judicial and law enforcement agencies, constitutional, administrative law, criminal, civil, commercial law.

From the third year students study the disciplines necessary for lawyers in the field of agribusiness: agrarian law, land law, tax law, stock exchange law, corporate law, private international law.

After each course, students undergo internships in law departments and firms, police, prosecutors and courts.

Applying for the specialty “Law” you choose an interesting profession, 4 years of unforgettable student life in the city center and brilliant prospects in the noble field of human rights! We invite you to study!