Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Practice occupies an important place in the training of highly qualified personnel. Students’ practice is an integral part of the training of specialists at the Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture. It is aimed at consolidating the theoretical knowledge acquired by students during their studies, acquisition, and improvement of practical skills and abilities defined by the educational-professional training program for the relevant educational program.

The curriculum for students majoring in 133 “Industrial Engineering” provides training, production, and research practice.

Places of practice are enterprises for the manufacture, repair, maintenance of agricultural machinery, machinery, and equipment for livestock, as well as enterprises of agribusiness (STOV, PP, FG, JSC, etc.).

At the Department of Technical Systems and Technologies of Animal Husbandry. B.P. Shabelnyk was appointed by the heads of practices: production – associate professor P. Syromyatnikov, research – Ph.D., professor, head of the department Naumenko O.

In the process of internship, students deepen, consolidate and improve theoretical knowledge in the field, obtained in the study of professional disciplines, and gain practical skills in self-study in the production environment of the main technological processes of production, labor organization, occupational safety, and health. analysis of the structure and financial activities of the enterprise, in the formation of conclusions with the assessment of processes occurring during production and processing, organization of operation and maintenance of equipment of machine-building and agricultural enterprises, collecting, analyzing, and processing data for individual tasks and report generation.

91% of students (groups TS20-3pr. And TS-18-3b) assigned to the department undergo internships under contracts at enterprises in 9 districts of Kharkiv region (Bohodukhiv, Shevchenkivsky, Kupyansky, Zmiivsky, Kharkiv, Blyznyukivsky, Pervomaisky, Dvurichansky), Zolochivsky) and Kharkiv. At the end of the internship, students will compile reports in accordance with the internship program and individual tasks.

Students Rachkovsky A., Udovikov V., Kondrashchenko V., and Yarmola K. – a place of industrial practice ATP-16355, Kharkiv.

The first stage of research practice of 1st-year students of the second (master’s) groups TC20-1mn and TS20TSm) is held in research laboratories of the Institute of TC and the scientific library of the university in accordance with the individual task for each graduate.

The purpose of research practice is:

acquisition of practical experience and skills in solving complex problems and problems of industrial engineering, which involves research and/or innovation, which is characterized by the uncertainty of conditions and requirements;
formation of general competencies in masters: the ability to use knowledge in practical situations, the ability to learn and master modern knowledge, the ability to search and process information from different sources, to think abstractly, generate new ideas, analyze and synthesize them;

and special competencies: the ability to apply advanced for industrial engineering scientific facts, concepts, theories, principles, the ability to implement advanced engineering developments to obtain practical results, use knowledge in solving problems of product quality and control, the ability to create and protect intellectual property ;

mastering the skills and abilities to independently experiment, analyze the results and draw conclusions;
acquisition and development of research skills, namely, setting up an experiment, analysis, mathematical processing and description of experimental data in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams, etc., mastering the methods of experiments, deepening theoretical knowledge in the study of recovery and strengthening parts of machines and equipment, selection and analysis of existing factual material from information sources and its combination with the results of experiments in the process of writing a master’s thesis.

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