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Azada Dzhumayeva: “I dream that my son also studied at KhNTUA”

We continue to get acquainted with foreign students studying at our university. We must say something about students from sunny Turkmenistan. After all, this is the largest group of foreign students who were sent to our university by their country. They are currently studying the following specialties: Woodworking and Furniture Technologies, Construction and Civil Engineering, Law, Economics, Transport Technologies, Accounting and Taxation, Management, Industrial Engineering, Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies.

According to the Department for Work with Foreign Citizens, 115 bachelors and 5 masters who are citizens of Turkmenistan are currently studying at KhNTUA. And the head of this department Otabeg Azizov is the envoy of this country. In 2014, he successfully graduated from KhNTUA with a degree in Business Economics and received a master’s degree in economics, and later defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences, is currently an assistant at the Department of Marketing and Media Communications of our university. 

By the way, Otabeg is not the only representative of Turkmenistan who has chosen a scientific career at our university. We recently met Azad Dzhumayeva, who is studying at the Postgraduate school of KhNTUA. Before that, she graduated with a master’s degree in specialty 051 “Economics” and decided to continue her studies. Moreover, her husband Azat Iliev, also a future economist, is studying here, in the 4th year of the ESI BM.

Azada said that she and her husband live in a dormitory and the family earns money for education. And our university was chosen after the Agreement on Cooperation in Higher Education was signed at the highest level between the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture and Turkmen Agricultural University. S.A. Niyazov. Here is one example of such cooperation, which we talked about earlier: VIDEO LECTURE FOR TURKMEN COLLEAGUES.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for young people to obtain higher education in Turkmenistan, as universities have a limited number of students. In this regard, Ukraine has many advantages, which, of course, include the opportunity to obtain quality education in agricultural universities.
Azada Dzhumayeva: "I dream that my son also studied at KhNTUA"

By the way, Azada’s girlfriend, with whom she came to meet – Rumana Oltybayeva – is also studying at the Agricultural University, but in Luhansk. And since distance learning has now been introduced in higher education institutions due to quarantine, the girls spend time together. Both miss their homeland, from which they are separated by thousands of kilometers. It is said that currently Ukraine does not have a direct flight to Turkmenistan, so it is very difficult to get there: you need to fly either from Belarus or from Turkey with transfers in Dubai. For the same reason, Azad cannot bring his 6-year-old son Ikhlas to Ukraine, who is currently being raised by his grandparents. But the woman dreams that soon the whole family will gather at one table in Ukraine, and in the future, Ikhlas will also become a student of our university. As you know, this will be a family tradition. And this is great!

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