Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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We present specialties

Imagine a mall. It has about 200 stores, each with thousands of items, and on the ground floor a large grocery store. During the day, this shopping center is “devastated” by hundreds of customers. But overnight, goods and products appear on store shelves again – magic! No less!
All this magic is arranged by logisticians – specialists in traffic flow. Thanks to them, trains, ships, planes, and trucks with grain, potatoes, clothes, fuel, and others run all over the world. Goods are delivered to stores and passengers – to the destination on time.
Logistics is both a practical and a scientific field that studies methods of optimizing the transportation of goods and people. The task of every transportation process, no matter how long, is to make sure that goods or passengers are delivered:

We present specialties
✎ at the right time
✎ in the right place
✎ in the right amount
✎ with the declared quality and service
✎ at the lowest cost

The logistician thinks over ways and routes of transportation from packing, loading in a warehouse to transfer to the customer. It organizes special transportation conditions for dangerous or perishable goods. The logistician makes the most favorable scheme of transportations and provides some more variants if something goes not according to the plan.
The Department of Transport Technologies and Logistics
invites you to get this incredibly interesting specialty!

The department consists of 2 doctors of sciences, professors, 6 candidates of sciences, associate professors, and 1 lecturer.
Based on current trends in education and transport, the department trains specialists within the specialty 275 Transport Technologies in the following specializations:

Bachelor (a budget form of education):
“Transport technologies (road transport)”;
“Transport logistics and international transport”.

Bachelor (a contract form of study):
“Organization of transportation and transport management”;
“Logistics, supply chains, and intelligent transport systems”.

Master’s degree (a budget and contract forms of education):
275 – Transport technologies (road transport).

Modern classrooms and laboratories, two computer classes are used to ensure the educational process at the department. As part of their studies, students and teachers constantly visit specialized exhibitions, both in Kharkiv and in other cities of the country, specialized enterprises, where our graduates already work, which we are proud of.

Together with our teachers, students study remotely in various courses that promote professional development and allow you to keep up with the times. For example, the course “Supply Chain Analytics” at the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”, Boston (USA).
The results of the professional activity of the Department of Transport Technologies and Logistics are the victorious participation of students in various conferences and competitions in the specialty.
On account of students of our specialty many victories and participation in various sports, cultural, social events. We also take part in the life of an orphanage, animal shelter, and blood transfusion centers. We care about the environment. Twice a year we explore the sights and historical cities of our Slobozhanshchina with fascinating excursions.
We have a very rich, interesting, exciting life!