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We are developing international cooperation

On March 1, 2021, a delegation of the Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture consisting of Rector O. Nanka, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work and International Relations Yu. Vitkovsky and Head of the Educational Department for Work with Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons O. Azizova paid a working visit to Gaziantep State University of the Republic of Turkey (GAUN), where she held a series of meetings with the university’s management and staff. In particular, the delegation of KhNTUA visited the three oldest and most powerful faculties of Gaziantep University: food processing, mechanization, and electrification. During the acquaintance with these faculties, a number of meetings were held with deans and staff. The delegation paid special attention to the logistics of laboratories.

The result of the working visit was the conclusion of an agreement on scientific and educational cooperation between KhNTUA and GAUN, which was signed by the rector of KhNTUA O. Nanka and the rector of GAUN Arif Ozaidin.

This event was widely covered by the Turkish media. Regarding the cooperation between GAUN and KhNTUА, Professor Arif Ozaidin) said: “… Technical knowledge and highly qualified specialists of Gaziantep University are increasing every day. I believe that the volume and quality of these components will increase due to the signing of this agreement. ” In turn, Professor O. Nanka said in an interview with the Turkish newspaper: “I am very pleased that KNTUА is one of the most prepared universities for cooperation in the field of technical sciences in Turkey. I believe that combining the potential of our universities will give very good results. “

The leaders of the two universities also discussed the further development of partnership and academic mobility in the field of education through the Erasmus + program and other programs. In addition, within the framework of cooperation, an agreement was reached on the organization of training under the program of “double” diplomas.


Gaziantep is the largest commercial and industrial city in eastern Turkey, which is also a sister city of Kharkiv. The history of Gaziantep University dates back to 1973 when the Institute of Mechanical Engineering was founded. Already in 1974, the Faculty of Engineering was established here, the base of which was the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Then came the Department of Food Technology and Equipment, the Department of Construction, and the Department of Engineering Physics.

On June 27, 1987, Gaziantep University became an independent state university. Currently, the university has 20 faculties, 3 higher schools, a conservatory, 8 professional colleges of higher education, 3 postgraduate departments. Every year he tops the lists of TOP-30 Turkish universities and is a regular participant in international rankings among the best higher education institutions in the world. About 30,000 students each year are trained to obtain bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in 107 various specialties.

The staff of Gaziantep University has about 1,400 teachers of the highest category. University scientists are developing computers, ballistic systems, inertial guidance for defense, and more. Currently, the leadership of the university is headed by the Rector – Professor Arif Ozaydin (Arif Ozaydin).

Training department for work with foreign citizens

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