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Regulations on the Center for Practice, Employment, and Career of Student

The Center for Internships, Employment, and Careers of Student of the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture is a functional unit. It provides the organization of internships, promotes the employment of students and graduates of the university, their adaptation to practical activities. It establishes and maintains feedback with university graduates, monitors their careers, it also partners with employers, and selects students for internships and internships abroad.

Tasks of the Center are:

  • coordination of work of departments on the organization of carrying out of practice of students;

– promoting the employment of students, university graduates, their career growth;

  • establishing and maintaining feedback with university graduates;
  • selection of students for internships and internships abroad;

– cooperation with educational and scientific institutes, faculty and other structural subdivisions of the university regarding the practice and employment of students and graduates.

Functions of the Center are:

– development/adjustment of the Regulations on practical training of university students and providing them with graduation departments;

– control over the development of end-to-end and working programs of practice by descent departments;

– analysis of compliance with the schedule of the educational process, working curricula for all educational programs (specialties) and working programs of practice;

– coordination of the work of graduating departments for concluding agreements on student internships between the university and enterprises (organizations, institutions), which are defined as bases of practice, for the next calendar year;

– control of the formation of the register of bases of practices by the graduating departments of the university;

formation of the general register of bases of practices of university;

– control of types and terms of carrying out of practices defined by educational working plans of preparation of experts of a certain educational program (specialty) observance of duties of university and the enterprises concerning the organization and carrying out of all kinds of practices;

– control of the state of development and relevance of educational and methodical complexes on practice in graduating departments;

– timely submission of draft practice orders;

– control over the results of all types of practices and generalization of the results of practices;

– analysis of reports of departments on the results of practice and the formation of proposals to improve the organization and conduct of practice at the university;

– organization of explanatory work and informing students and graduates about normative – legal acts of state regulation of employment and labor relations;

– establishing business relations of the university with central and local executive bodies, employment services, enterprises, institutions and organizations (employers) on the issues of professional training and employment of students and graduates;

– organization of meetings of employers with students and graduates, holding events: career days, round tables, workshops, scientific and practical conferences, job fairs;

– informing the Educational and Scientific Institutes, faculty about vacancies of potential employers;

– organization of trainings and seminars together with the Committee on Youth and Sports and the psychological service of the university;

– cooperation with the Media communications department to cover the events and activities of the center of practice, employment and career of student youth on the university website.

The University maintains close ties with the State Employment Service, executive authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations of Kharkiv and regions of Ukraine in order to determine the staffing needs of young professionals.


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