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To the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Council of Young Scientists announce a competition to the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine among students and young scientists for the best scientific work in the field of research on the development of constitutional and legal regulation.

The competition will run from July 1 to August 31, 2021. Students and young scientists of higher education institutions, institutions of professional higher education, scientific institutions are invited to participate in the competition.

From July 1 to July 31, the contestants prepare scientific papers under the guidance of the supervisor.

By August 5, institutions and agencies submit for consideration to the Ministry of Education and Science scientific works, which are recommended for further consideration by the Tender Commission.

The results will be announced by August 31.

Scientific works on the development of constitutional and legal regulation in Ukraine, which have not been published before, are allowed to participate in the Competition. The scientific work should be relevant, contain substantiated conclusions on the merits of the researched problem, and correspond to one of the three proposed nominations:

  • theoretical and methodological foundations of constitutionalism;
  • constitutional and legal regulation of legal relations in Ukraine;
  • historical studies of constitutionalism.

The work is sent to the e-mail address together with a package of documents. Namely:

  • cover letter of the institution of professional higher education, the institution of higher education, a scientific institution with the following information: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, contact phone number, the e-mail address of the contestant, place of study, work (indicating the name of the structural unit), the topic of scientific work, name and postal address of the institution or institution; information about the supervisor: surname, name and patronymic, place of work, position, academic degree, scientific title, as well as a recommendation from the institution or institution to submit a scientific work to the competition;
  • response signed by the supervisor in the printed form up to 3 pages;
  • scientific work in Ukrainian. Volume – 15-25 pages of printed text, with an interval of 1.5, A4 format, font – Times New Roman, font size 14, margins: top and bottom – 2.5 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm Schemes or other illustrative material attached to the work must be drawn up in such a way as to conform to the A4 format. The total volume of applications should not exceed 5 pages. References to sources should be submitted at the end of the work with sequential numbering by their placement in the work. The pages of the competition work, except for the title page, must be numbered. The competition commission does not consider the works submitted to the competition in violation of these requirements.

Entries submitted to the competition will not be returned to the authors. Contest entrants will be awarded prizes.

For additional information on the terms of the competition and the requirements for documents, please call +380677188403 (Alexander Torbas, Associate Member of the Council of Young Scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine