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The rector of KhNTUA congratulates on the Farmer’s Day

Dear friends! This year, for the second time, Ukraine celebrates Farmer’s Day, which is a holiday for a large number of agricultural producers. In the Kharkiv region alone, more than 1.3 thousand farms are registered. In total, more than 47,000 farms carry out production activities in Ukraine, which provide a significant share of gross agricultural output and ensure the food security of our state.

We are proud that many farmers as well as farm managers are graduates of our university and maintain a relationship with their Alma Mater. They love the land, know the price of agricultural labor and glorify our university with their achievements. In addition, many of our students have internships on farms in the Kharkiv region. And we are sincerely grateful to the heads of these farms for fruitful cooperation and partnership.

Therefore, today, on behalf of the Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture, I sincerely congratulate all farmers and farm managers, as well as members of their families, on Farmer’s Day and wish them a good harvest and a generous reward for hard work.

I call for the further development of cooperation between higher education and farms, in particular for the training of highly qualified personnel for such farms and the scientific support of their activities.

Happy holiday!

Sincerely, Alexander Nanka,

rector of KhNTUA.

The rector of KhNTUA congratulates on the Farmer's Day