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The introductory campaign continues

In the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture, as in many other universities in Ukraine, the admission campaign continues. We can now observe one of the most important stages of this campaign, related to the registration of e-cabinets by entrants. According to the state enterprise “Inforesurs”, as of 9:00 on July 5, more than 92 thousand offices were created. Based on complete general secondary education, 87,243 classrooms and 146 classrooms were activated based on a bachelor’s, specialist’s, or master’s degree.

But let’s be honest: not all entrants can create their own e-office. Many questions arise regarding the proper loading of introductory documents there. Therefore, qualified assistance on these issues is provided to them in the admissions committees of higher and professional higher education institutions.

In the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture, the admissions committee works continuously and provides assistance and consulting support to all entrants. This year’s graduate of the Pisochyn Collegium Maria and her mother Olga visited the admissions committee of the KhNTUA to get advice on admission.

Maria wants to study at the university in the specialty 201 “Agronomy” (she says that she loves to conduct various experiments with plants) and has successfully passed the external examination in biology, mathematics, Ukrainian language, and literature, and history. But he is worried whether he will be able to pass a wide competition and get on a budget form of education. That’s why I asked my mother for advice from the admissions committee of KhNTUA. Here they were helped to calculate the average competitive score and assured that the girl really has a high chance to pass a wide competitive selection and enter the budget form of bachelor’s degree.

We hope that it will be so. That is why we wish Maria and her mother to wait for the results of the introductory campaign. The same goes for other entrants who want to become students of our university. We believe that everything will be fine.

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