Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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The elite of agricultural engineering scientists has been replenished with new specialists!

The last week of spring was marked by an important event for the agro-technical community, namely – the defense of theses by higher education students under the educational and scientific program “Agroengineering” specialty 208 Agroengineering.

Before the meeting of the qualification commission, the Director of the ESI MMS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vitaliy Vlasovets reminded the applicants and members of the commission of the criteria for evaluating qualification works and the provisions on academic integrity: “Assessment for the qualification work includes 3 components: assessment of the student’s work for the period of study (his average score), assessment of the qualification work (design, quality of material), its content and assessment for the presentation of work on defense (level of material, completeness of answers, presentation quality). When evaluating the qualifying work, the student may receive additional points for the availability of publication and participation in the competition of scientific papers.”

Qualification commission consisting of the chairman of the commission – the representative of production, the director of the Zmiiv vegetable factory, the candidate of technical sciences Igor Sysenko, the head of the department of optimization of technological systems named after T.P. Yevsyukov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Mykola Artyomov, Head of the Department of Agricultural Machinery, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Oleksiy Kozachenko, Professor of the Department of Agricultural Machinery, the guarantor of the educational program “Agroengineering” of the second (master’s) level of higher education, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Secretary of the Commission, Senior Laboratory Assistant of the Department of Optimization of Technological Systems named after T.P. Yevsyukov Vitaly Korotetskyy began her work by wishing students inspiration and good luck.

Current research topics, brilliant reports, and incredible confidence in the importance of their research were felt in every student! Within the walls of KhNTUA, these students, already in the past, passed their formation as scientists and researchers and became real experts in their field!

We wish the applicants creative inspiration and great achievements in the scientific field!

Directorate of the ESI MMS