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Students’ internship continues (PHOTO)

Yesterday, August 17, 2021, we were present at the summing up of the work of mechanized detachments for harvesting early grain Zolochiv region-2021. The regular participants of such an event for the last 15 years are students of KhNTUA, who are undergoing an internship at the farm “Alpha” – one of the best in the region. This year, 3rd and 4th-year students of the Institute of MMS worked directly as assistants to combine harvesters of powerful combine harvesters, such as “Tukano 580” and “Lexicon 670”. 10 grain-harvesting crews, including 9 students of KhNTUA, worked in the fields of 26.7 thousand tons of early grain that have already been threshed. The average yield on the farm of early grain crops is about 46.8 c / ha. Following the results of work students of our university were awarded: 1st place – Sergey Segeda and the assistant to the combine operator the third-year student of ESI MMS Vladislav Svirida, the Tukano 580 combine which was harvested from 821 hectares (peas, winter wheat), and threshed 4236,3 tons,
2nd place – in the farm and the district as a whole was taken by the student crew consisting of Ivan Yatsenko (combiner) and Maxim Herman (assistant) – graduates of Lipkovatov College, and now 4th-year students of the Institute of MMS. By the way, this crew is the youngest among all combine harvesters and their assistants in the area. Currently, students are preparing the soil for winter crops.

In less than a month of practice, in addition to harvesting work, students plowed the soil (504 ha) and disked (175 ha). This work continues and the re-equipment of combines for harvesting late crops (sunflower and corn).

For many years, associate professor of the Department of Agrotechnology and Ecology, Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine Anatoliy Petrovich Gorbanyov, who started his career as an engineer here, takes students to practice on the farm. He says with full knowledge of the case: “Advanced technology, the latest technology, effective leadership. Here is something to learn. Today, the best of those who received a permit to the profession through an internship at the farm “Alpha” is headed by companies, farms, and engineering services. The current change of future specialists and managers was no worse than the previous ones. Students like the living conditions, food, as well as a team of mechanics who are happy to help our students master a truly engineering specialty. ”

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