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Students celebrated Shrovetide

Today, in compliance with all quarantine recommendations, students of our university held a traditional Shrovetide holiday, which symbolizes the farewell of winter and the meeting of spring. In the courtyard of the university, they created an interesting photo area with a stuffed Shrovetide, as well as treated everyone to pancakes and various delicacies. Each educational and scientific institute and faculty of TSL prepared their culinary masterpieces and presentations for this holiday, which were evaluated by an authoritative jury of representatives of the administration. The celebration itself was accompanied by merry songs and dances, which gave everyone a good mood.

Rector O. Nanka congratulated the students and staff of the university on the holiday of Shrovetide. He wished the participants a good spring mood and well-being, as well as the chairman of the trade union committee V. Kiss. Following the results of the pancake competition, the representatives of the student groups received sweet gifts and diplomas from the trade union committee and the university administration.

It should be added that the student club, the department of educational work of youth, and the trade union committee of the university assisted students in celebrating the Shrovetide.

REFERENCE: Shrovetide is an ancient holiday that has been preserved by the Slavs since pagan times when customs played an important role in the life of every person. From the very beginning, its celebration was associated, according to one version, with the glorification of the sun god Yaril, according to another – with the patron of cattle and agriculture, the god Veles. In the Christian tradition, Shrovetide is considered the last stage of preparation for Lent.

Carnival is a loud, fun holiday with delicious food, music, songs, and a variety of entertainment. One of the ceremonial symbols of this holiday is a large straw doll – a carnival scarecrow. He was dressed in women’s clothing as an ancient and sacred deity. And, according to tradition, at the end of the week of Shrovetide was burned as a personification of winter to awaken the spring nature and melt the ice. Since Shrovetide falls on the week before Lent, people have the opportunity to enjoy delicious and hearty food at this time. The main dish for Shrovetide, as you know, is pancakes, which are baked every day from Monday.

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