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Voronyanskiy Alexander

Education and career
1985 – M. Gorky Kharkiv State University (V. Karazin Kharkiv National University), specialty – History.
1988 – Assistant of the Department of History of the CPSU and Scientific Communism.
1994 – Senior Lecturer of the Department of History of Ukraine and Political Science.
1996 – Associate Professor of the Department of History of Ukraine and Political Science KhIMEA-KhNTUA.
Since 2009 – Professor of the UNESCO Department of “Philosophy of Human Communication”, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Research activities.
1995 – defense of the dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences “Economic policy of the central council” in the specialty 07.00.01 – history of Ukraine.

Research interests: History, the political system of modern Ukraine, issues of national security, and its historical and political understanding.

Educational activities
He teaches disciplines: “Political science and history of engineering”, “Political science with the module “Ukraine. Europe, the World”, “Country studies”.

Scientific publications, patents, grants.
Author and co-author of 12 textbooks and manuals (including 7 – stamped by the Ministry of Education and Science), more than 200 scientific papers, including 3 monographs.

Voronyanskiy Alexander