Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Morozov Volodymyr
Senior lecturer of higher education institution, candidate of economic sciences

Morozov Volodymyr

He speaks Polish, partly English, German and Czech.

Education and career

Graduated from the Kharkiv State Technical University of Agriculture. Qualification: mechanical engineer.
Graduated from the Kharkiv State University of Economics. Qualification: manager-economist.
From 2020 he became an associate professor of the Department of economics and marketing.

Research activities

In 2013 he received the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences, in the field of economics and enterprise management.

International activities / participation in international projects

In 2019, he completed an internship at the Higher School of Business, in the town of Gurnycha Dombrowa, Poland.

Scientific publications, patents and grants:

A total of 56 publications were published, including 1- monograph, 1- patent, 16 articles in professional journals, 2- in foreign publications, 1- with Scopus index.