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Katkova Tetiana
Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Katkova Tetiana


2004 – graduated from the legal department of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs for specialty law.

2008 – defended her dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Law on the topic “Activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the protection of cultural heritage: administrative and legal aspects”, specialty 12.00.07 “Administrative law and process; finance law; information law “.

2015 – received the academic title of associate professor of the Department of Humanities and Fundamental Laws.

2019 – A graduate of the XV International Summer School of Media Law.



2004 r. – investigator in the internal affairs

2004-2006 – post-graduate course of the National University of Internal Affairs

2006-2007  – legal representative of the corporation Microsoft (USA) in the Eastern region of Ukraine (by proxy), the law firm Lex for

2007-2009  – Mosaic Law Firm

2009-2016  – Associate Professor of Humanities and fundamental legal disciplines Kharkiv University of Economics and Law

2016 – 2020 – Associate Professor of Law, National Aerospace University named Nikolay Zhukovsky “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”

2017 – 2020 Deputy Dean in the specialty 081 “Law” of the National Aerospace University named Nikolay Zhukovsky “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”

2020 – present – Associate Professor of Law, Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture


Educational activities:

Author of the textbook “Theory of State and Law”.

Author of practical manuals: “Features of the investigation of crimes related to encroachments on cultural heritage”, “Information law. Workshop “.

Under the leadership of T.G. Katkova at the Department of Life Safety and Law is a photo contest “In the lens: human rights”, as well as a scientific group “Theory of Human Rights”.


Scientific work:

Monographs: “UNESCO’s activities in the field of cultural heritage conservation: legal aspects”, “Legal protection of cultural heritage”.

Research interests: theory of law, human rights, information law, administrative law.



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