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Special attention is paid to student dormitories

On August 26, 2021, under the Decree of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Government approved the Concept of the State Targeted Social Program for the Restoration and Development of a Network of Dormitories for Residents of Higher Education Institutions for 2022–2026.

“The MES team is starting work on a large-scale state program to restore and build a network of dormitories for higher education institutions. Students must live in high-quality and affordable dormitories while studying at universities. Our common goal is to improve the conditions of their living, study, and recreation, ensuring the accessibility of dormitories for people with special educational needs. The comfort of a student’s stay in the Free Economic Zone is an integral part of the holistic educational process, and therefore I believe that this program is extremely important and necessary in the framework of higher education reform, “said the Minister of Education and Science Serhiy Shkarlet.

According to the Concept, the program will be aimed at solving problems of improving the living conditions of students in the dormitories of higher education institutions. These are the following measures:

  • restoration and expansion of the network of dormitories, which provides for the repair and reconstruction of old dormitories, construction of new dormitories (if necessary), completion of unfinished dormitories;
  • creation of safe living conditions and accessibility of dormitories, which provides for the repair of electricity, heat, water supply, drainage and sewerage, modernization or installation of fire protection systems, providing dormitories with unimpeded access to facilities, creating conditions for accessibility for people with disabilities and other low-mobility groups;
  • creation of comfortable living conditions by equipping dormitories with additional facilities (gyms, laundry rooms, rooms for independent work, halls for training and group work, equipped with modern furniture, with Internet access);
  • increase in the number of hotel-type dormitories and increased comfort;
  • introduction of energy-saving technologies, installation of electricity meters in living rooms.

In general, the program aims to meet the need for the number of dormitories and places in them for students of higher education institutions, the gradual improvement of living, learning, and recreation of students, as well as ensuring accessibility of buildings, premises, and adjacent dormitories for people with disabilities and other low mobility groups. people.

Source of information: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.