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Science Day in Vovchansk

Today in the city of Vovchansk on the initiative of the Student Council of “Vovchansk Vocational College KhNTUA” (chairman – Daria Zhelnovach, “Agroengineering”) and with the assistance of the Department of Education held a large-scale event – I Youth Round Table “Year of Distance Learning: Results and Prospects” Science Day in Ukraine.

This was the first time such an event was held in a provincial town, but despite this, it united the pupils and students of the entire Vovchansk territorial community. In particular, the event was joined by representatives of general secondary education institutions from among students in grades 8-11.

The round table was opened with a welcoming speech by the director of the college Shcherbak Andrii, who wished the young scientists inspiration and constructive dialogue. The general organization of the event was carried out by the college methodologist Tetiana Bondarieva.

Pupils of 9th and 11th grades and college students took part in the discussion of the topic relevant for all levels of education. Absolutely all speakers showed the appropriate level of training, showed creativity, and a real scientific approach to the problem. Vladyslav Ponomariov (RSI MMS, Agroengineering) and Margarita Ivanova (FTSL, Transport Technologies) were invited to take part in the round table. They spoke and shared their views on key aspects of distance learning.

Following the Youth Round Table, all supervisors will receive electronic certificates of participants for 8 hours, all speakers – diplomas, and heads of educational institutions, whose representatives took part in the event – thanks.

Tetiana Bondarieva, teacher-methodologist of the college, Ph.D., specialist of the highest category.