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Safety in tourism. Mandatory provision

March 17, this year on the initiative of OKZ “Kharkiv organizational and methodical center of tourism” the seminar “Safety in tourism. Mandatory provision “for the subjects of tourist activity of Kharkiv region. One of the participants of this event was Halyna Omelchenko, a practical psychologist, Candidate of Economic Sciences, senior lecturer at the UNESCO Department of Philosophy of Human Communication and Social Sciences and Humanities. During the seminar, she highlighted the topic “Psychology of safe tourism”, which is extremely relevant today for both tourists and for tourism operators.

“Today, the psychology of safe tourism is an important part of the structure of measures to ensure travel safety, – said G. Omelchenko – so the problems of emergencies and injuries in the modern development of tourism can not be solved only by administrative and engineering methods. Especially when it comes to known stress that can occur during travel and other psychological states of travelers. ”

The participants of the seminar discussed psychological factors that permanently or temporarily increase the possibility of a dangerous situation or accident. In this context, G. Omelchenko raised the issue of the extremely relevant today problem of fear, which can ruin any journey (and not even start it), and ways to overcome it. She noted that psychological science provides recommendations for the correction of human behavioral reactions and actions in emergencies. One of the main psychological aspects of safety in tourism is respect for customs, antipathies of locals, as well as knowledge of English or local language, which allows you to shop and order in a restaurant or find a way to the hotel and enlist the support of indigenous people …

We hope that the seminar was interesting and useful for its participants, including due to the participation of a specialist from the UNESCO Department. It is planned that representatives of our department, which is part of the interuniversity platform of graduate departments of tourism at the JSC “Kharkiv Organizational and Methodological Center of Tourism”, will continue to participate in similar events.

Department of UNESCO “Philosophy of Human Communication” and social sciences and humanities