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Responsibility not only for yourself but also for others

In order not to infect yourself and not to infect others, it is necessary to understand that all people are interconnected by invisible social plexuses, and the infection moves in these ways. When a person takes care to prevent disease, not to infect others, he automatically protects himself better, that is: I will prevent infection, they will prevent infection, I will avoid infection, I and my family and friends will not be exposed to danger. Today we must be responsible not only for ourselves but also for others to avoid getting COVID-19.

 To avoid infection and prevent the spread of a viral infection, follow these simple guidelines:

– in all public places, use face masks (the mask must be properly worn, i.e. fit snugly to the face, sewn mask on the nose bent along the contour, all folds straightened), because the disease is transmitted by airborne and contact-household (when exposed to the virus on the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, and eyes) change the mask every 2-3 hours, do not reuse the mask. It is not advisable to wear a mask in a deserted open space;

– keep a social distance;

– wash and periodically disinfect your hands;

– try not to touch unwashed hands to the eyes, nose, and mouth;

– ventilate the room;

– refrain from visiting crowded places and receiving guests (use remote communications for greetings);

– Avoid contact with people who have signs of acute respiratory infection;

– wipe work surfaces, including gadgets, computer keyboard, etc .;

– adhere to respiratory etiquette when sneezing or coughing;

– lead a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking, eat more vegetables and fruits; they contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber, enrich the blood with oxygen;

– Avoid optional travel on public transport, especially during rush hour;

– Do physical and breathing exercises every day;

– Avoid handshakes and physical contact;

– in case of any illness, call the doctor at home;

– visit public places less often (shops, pharmacies, banks, etc.);

– Be informed, read the verified information that will help you better identify the risks, and take reasonable precautions.

Take care of yourself and others and be healthy!

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