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Invitation to participate in a scientific-practical conference

Dear colleagues! We invite you to participate in the II International scientific-practical conference
“TECHNICAL SUPPORT OF INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES IN THE AGRICULTURAL COMPLEX”, which will be held on the basis of the department “Technical service and systems in agro-industrial complex” “> 2020 по 27.11.2020 р.
Conference site:
Employees of higher education institutions, research institutions, degree seekers, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates and students, specialists and managers of agricultural and processing enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of various organizational and legal forms, employees of public administration, education and local government are invited to participate in the conference; all who are interested in the issues of technical support of innovative technologies in the agro-industrial complex.
During the conference it is planned to work in the following areas:
1. The current state, trends, and prospects for the development of innovative technologies in the agro-industrial complex.
2. Technical and technological support for the production and processing of crop and livestock products.
3. Intelligent technologies in agriculture.
4. Innovations in the technical service of machines and equipment of the agro-industrial complex.
5. Energy saving and renewable energy sources in agro-industrial technologies, ecology, and protection of natural resources.
To participate in the conference you need to send to the e-mail address of the conference:
– conference participant registration card (in electronic form);
– materials of the report (for publication in the collection of Proceedings of the conference in electronic form) and/or scientific articles (for publication in the Scientific Bulletin of TSATU).
The content of the reports should correspond to the theme of the conference.
The language of the article is Ukrainian, Russian, or English.
Original, previously unpublished materials will be considered. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to edit materials, reject those that do not meet the requirements or topics of the conference, and distribute them in sections. Reports submitted later than the deadline or not in accordance with requirements, will not be considered. Authors and supervisors (for students) are responsible for the content of the submitted materials, the accuracy of the data, and compliance with the principles of academic integrity.
Submitted materials are posted on the conference website, their discussion is held at the conference forum. At the end of the conference, the conference materials are placed in free electronic access on the conference website in the form of pdf-layouts.
According to the decision of the organizing committee of the conference and the editorial board, the conference materials (abstracts) will be published in the form of a collection of conference materials (pdf – the layout will be available on the conference website within one month from the end of the conference). Scientific articles of the participants will be published in the Scientific Bulletin of TSATU (professional publication). An electronic certificate of the conference participant will be sent to each author.
Paper copies of the Proceedings of the conference are available on request.
The conference will start on November 2 2020
Кінцевий термін подання матеріалів конференції – 27  листопада 2020 р.
Discussion of materials and summarizing the conference is held at the conference forum.
Requirements for materials and more detailed information for participants are provided on the conference website:

Participation in the conference is free.

Contact person:
Boltianska Nataliia,
Secretary of the conference organizing committee tel. (067) 681-32-41
Invitation to participate in a scientific-practical conferenceInvitation to participate in a scientific-practical conference