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Pros and cons of distance learning

Professor of the Department of UNESCO “Philosophy of Human Communication” and social and humanitarian disciplines of KhNTUA Lyudmila Firsova commented for the newspaper “Vremya” on her vision of the place and role of distance learning in the educational process. She believes that the interaction of teacher and student is a very important element of education because such interaction involves communication, which forms the content, context, ways of their relationship, in other words – what is called a relationship of communication.

– I teach philosophy in which dialogue is not just an exchange of words, information, but also an exchange of reactions to information. Live contact can not be replaced by anything, it is of fundamental importance for the formation of personality in general, – said Lyudmila Vladimirovna. She also believes that online feedback does not compensate for the lack of empathy. This requires live communication in lectures, seminars, and not only with the teacher, but also with classmates, with the opportunity to ask questions, clarify something, exchange views …

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