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Mykhailo Turchenko is 99 years old!

On May 2, Professor Mykhailo Turchenko, who worked at our university for a long time and left a good memory among students and teachers, turned 99 years old. In addition to teaching, he actively worked on preserving the historical memory of the Great Patriotic War and the role of veterans in defending the Fatherland from the Nazi invasion and is currently working on memoirs about those events.

Today, Mykhailo Mykhailovych was greeted on behalf of the Rector’s Office and the staff of the KhNTUA by the Chairman of the Trade Union Committee V. Kis and the Deputy Director of the Institute of Business and Management S. Kalinichenko. The guests were met by the veteran himself, who invited him to his office. Despite his respectable age, Mykhailo Turchenko was happy to talk to the guests and share his front-line memories. He also told about his friends and colleagues with whom he worked at the university and at one time created the Institute of Business and Management.

We will tell a lot of interesting things about the meeting with Mykhailo Turchenko in our next materials. Wait for our video.

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