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Meeting of the Academic Council of the University

Today in the assembly hall of the university began a scheduled meeting of the Academic Council of the University, which addressed several important issues. First of all, the members of the Academic Council voted for the presentation of T. Fesenko   o the academic title of Professor of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies and A. Voitov to the academic title of associate professor of the Department of Woodworking Technologies and System Engineering of the Forest Complex.

Then the members of the Academic Council proceeded to consider the issues on the agenda.

  • About the organization of educational process in university in the conditions of quarantine restrictions according to the Resolution of KMU from 17.02.2021 № 104 reported by the rector of the university O. Nanka.

The Rector informed about the current epidemic situation in Ukraine and acquainted the audience with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on this situation. Taking into account the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Academic Council decided to continue the mixed form of education at the university from February 25 to April 30. This means that lectures for students will continue online, and practical and laboratory classes will be held in the usual mode in groups of up to 20 people, subject to all quarantine restrictions.

In his speech, OV Nanka once again called on the staff and students of the university to treat this situation with understanding and to adhere to basic sanitary and hygienic requirements (wear masks, wash your hands, monitor your health, and the health of others).

  • The increase in fiscal revenues in 2021 from economic and scientific activities and the provision of additional educational services was reported by the Vice-Rector for NDP, Economic Development and Infrastructure A. Mikitas. He analyzed in detail the dynamics of financial revenues of the university over the past three years in each of the identified areas and proposed specific measures to increase fiscal revenues in the current year.

The discussion on this issue was attended by Vice-Rector of Scientific work V. Melnyk, Vice-Rector of International Relations Yu. Vitkovskyi and the rector of KhNTUA О. Nankа. Following the discussion, the Academic Council decided to take note of the information of the Vice-Rector for NDP, Economic Development and Infrastructure and approve his proposed plan to increase financial revenues for 2021, in particular, by expanding the range of educational services, increasing the number of students, including foreigners, increasing the number of scientific and contractual topics, public funding of scientific activities of the university, etc.

  • On the digitalization of the university – based on the organization of electronic document management at the university reported the head of the Information and computer center O. Ковальов. To move to electronic document management, he suggested using the Google platform, which allows you to use many useful services for free and use them effectively in educational activities. Users of practical assistance in using these services will be developed step-by-step instructions and conducted training for staff of departments.
  • The state of the organization of the English-language version of the university website was reported by the IOC specialist O. Zaika, who informed the members of the Academic Council about the peculiarities of filling the main pages and headings of the site with the English version, which is an important condition for promoting it on the Internet. The importance of this work was also emphasized by the rector of the university OV Nanka and Vice-Rector of International Relations Yu. Vitkovskyi.
  • Professor P. Gursky reported on the preparation for the next scheduled supervisory audit according to the certified management system of KhNTUA for compliance with the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015. He provided a thorough report on the work done to ensure the university’s management system and provided some recommendations for its improvement at the present stage. Information of Professor PV Gursky Buddha is taken into account.
  • The first vice-rector of KhNTUSG ML reported on the analysis of the implementation and revision of the University Development Strategy for 2021. Lisichenko. He informed that taking into account the new realities, the working group is currently developing changes and additions to this Strategy, which will be submitted for approval to one of the regular meetings of the Academic Council. Until March 10, this year the working group will accept proposals for a new version of the University Development Strategy. At the suggestion of the first vice-rector, the members of the Academic Council also approved the work plan of the Academic Council of the University for the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

In the working order, the Academic Council considered some other issues related to the organization of the educational process. Tomorrow the Academic Council will continue its meeting.

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